CNBLUE 6th Japan Album – Stay Gold


As we know, CNBLUE is very productive in releasing album. If you’re a fan you know they they will release 1 Korean album and 2 Japanese album in a year. That’s so awesome cos you know, mostly hmmm okay, all of their songs composed by Yonghwa mostly and Jonghyun. Some are from Jungshin.

Now we can enjoy their new Japan album that shows different side of them. This time they come back with more fresh sound and summer style. Influnced by glamping in summer, Yonghwa, Jonghyun, Minhyuk and Jungshin explore another sound and makes them rich of sound. CNBLUE is alwasy exploring new genres. They don’t want to stuck in one genre without lose their color.

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CNBLUE Between Us in Jakarta.JPG

After 4 years, CNBLUE is back to our home country, Indonesia. I am so happy that I can finally experience watching CNBLUE, my ultimate favorite band, here in Jakarta. The concert was held in ICE BSD, on July 15th, 2017. I should’ve written about this long ago but … lazy-busy mode :D

I actually have declared that I would stop watching concert, not because I don’t stan them anymore but because I need to reduce my fangirling expenses lol. But hey, they are coming to Jakarta, I should come. So I decided to purchase the seating section (Silver). It’s IDR 1.500.000. There are three sections, VIP IDR 2.800.000, Gold IDR 2.200.000 and Silver. Then I just have to accept the fact that this time I have to watch them far compare to my previous concerts. But I hope this time is not my last chance to see them live. Because once you watch you can’t stop, especially CNBLUE in music show on TV is different than when you watch their concert. They can play live music instrument and stage acts are awesome.

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CNBLUE – 5th Japan Album EUPHORIA

CNBLUE just released 5th Japan Album titled EUPHORIA (happiness) on 19 Oct 2016, represents appreciations and blessings, also to celebrate 5th Japan Major Debut Anniversary.

The 5th album is released in 4 types: Limited Edition A, Limited Edition B, Regular/Normal Edition, and BOICE Limited Edition. Prior to the album, They already released Glory Days Music Video which is included in the album.

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CNBLUE – 2nd Full Album ‘2gether’


After 1 year and 7 month, CNBLUE is back with their 2nd full album ‘2gether’. 2gether combines the number “2,” which stands for their second full album and the word “together” revealing the hope that listeners can enjoy CNBLUE’s music together. CNBLUE releases their title track Cinderella with rock disco genre composed by Jung Yong Hwa.

They gives a different vibe this time since the last mini album Can’t Stop. I personally like Cinderella since the first time teaser released. They have grown up so much in music.

In this album. CNBLUE also includes Radio and Control from the Japan album. Lee Jong Hyun’s song, Heart Song also included, with Korean lyrics, Foot Step. I believe for you who loves pop band will absolutely like this album. And I really anticipating the live performance from them. I hope I can come to one of the tour, COME TOGETHER. *fingercrossed*

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