1. :)))) indeed you are a better writer hahaha.. feel so honored you made blog based on my super lucky experience^^ love you lots! Lets love cnblue more n more each day!!!

  2. Reading this FA feels like I’m there too…. and they sang one of my favorite song Y WHY. Thank you Ranty and Amel. It’s my dream too to be able to watch them live in Japan with the rotating stage. Next year Tokyo dome hopefully i could make it. FNC please announce it very early for us to save some money. Looking forward to see you both on Tokyo dome concert. LOVE CNBLUE FOREVER

  3. Omg, unnie amel so lucky, really envy for this T_T … But thanks for share your experience on wave concert, its so much help me, really ^^ and thanks to unnie ranty too. Aah, they’re never to dissapointed me, even though I yet to see them on live concert but I hope I get more chance to see them, live … they’re music ^^

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