Blood Free

Story about BF (Blood Free), a bio-technology company that develops and is dominating the genetically engineered cultured meat market whose CEO is Yun Ja-Yu (Han Hyo Joo). But this business creates doubt from people and government as well about the path taken by CEO Yu. Is the purpose give good impacts to the society or is there any hidden agenda behind it?

Yun Ja Yu as CEO needs a personal body guard to protect herself. He met Woo Chaewoon (Ju Ji Hoon) who served in the army. Chaewoon at first also has some doubts about Yu Ja Yu, but while serving as bodyguard, Chaewoon found the truth. BF company is interesting for Prime Minister Seonu Jae (Lee Hee Jun), not only bcos PM has his own agenda but it’s obvious that PM likes Ja Yu.

Yun Ja Yu founded BF with On San (Lee Mu Saeng), who has a Ph.D. in physiology. In the company they also work with Seo Hui (Jun Suk Ho) and Jeong Hae Deun (Park Ji Yeon). Yun Ja Yu as a person has trust issue, either to her people inside BF or outsiders. No body she can trust. She eventually build trust on Chaewoon and feeling safe with him.

It’s only has 10 eps and the ending seems like an open ending for me. Truth reveals but at the ending, we have to guess if Jayu and Chaewoon are still alive or not, cos BF company gets attacked *spoiler*. Though the BF is supposed to be survived, but I’m still curious if they will continue the technology or not, and if both of the key persons survive.

But after all, I’m amazed by the script and the production. Plus the acting of the cast, no doubt about it. I like the plot and the twist. How come the writer having this kind of idea.

Blood Free is a real sci-fi drama and no romance so don’t expect there is romance between Yun Ja Yu and her bodyguard even tho the chemistry is super good. I can feel it with minimum script and just eye-contact. Even tho it’s an open ending, I lowkey hoping there will be a season 2.

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Pictures: hancinema | Teaser: Disney+ Singapore

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