PLEASURES, CNBLUE 7th album finally officially released on Oct 25. It has 10 song and 4 of them previously released as singles. They also released the official MV Synchronize before where Yonghwa plays boxing in the video.

I think the music video relates with the sound in the song, there’s like bell sound in the boxing court. Yonghwa acts as a boxer and he fights. Anyways boxing is the exercise that Yonghwa currently does. The tense of the fight matches the vibes of the song.

This time CNBLUE work with many musicians. I believe they want to make their sound richer and different than their previous albums. I know CNBLUE’s music now is so different that the music they released before their hiatus bcos of military duty. I remember Yonghwa said that they want to make music based on his likings and his fans want.

Pleasures has western sound but some tracks also have anime kind of melody with not-so-surprise lots of guitar sound that is good to our ears. As expected Yonghwa is in charge of writing and composing for all of the songs in the album. And what I like that he works with many good musicians, he wants to add many good sounds and references into CNBLUE’s music. So their music will have varied genres and relates time to time.

  1. Intro ~ This Intro is so entertaining. It’s like we’re brought to an opera or musical event when we can see and enjoy CNBLUE’s music in a package. I listen to guitar in the first few seconds and then followed by saxophone(?), and it’s amazing. Will they bring brass section into Japan Autumn Tour this year? Let’s see.
  2. Synchronize ~ This kind of music is out of my expectation. I don’t know the others but I like it since the first time I listened to it. The music is so rich in my opinion. We can listen to brass instruments again, probably trumpet this time. The guitar is still the highlight and probably we can see Yonghwa playing it in the concert later… using his pink guitar?! Haha. There’s electronic sound as well make it more hype. I believe it’s good when performed live.
  4. Phantom Love ~ Even tho this is Japan song, but I think it’s not too Japan cos the music is more western I think. Electronic sound is the highlight. I remember CNBLUE once had similar vibes song with this, maybe in 2gether, Domino with Wheein. I want to understand the lyrics when it’s available.
  5. Magic ~ Love Magic’s music. When I first listening to it I said, I need to digest this song. But slowly this song grows in me. I like it that it has japan melody, it’s suitable for anime OST. I love Yonghwa’s voice in this song. I am so excited to see the live version.
  6. Dance Dance Dance ~ Worked with Justin Reinstein I believe it’s also electronic + band music. Yonghwa worked with him before for the song Between Us, Summer Dream, Closer and Make You Mine. This song is so hype and makes us dance. It’s good for their concert. I hope it’s one of the setlist.
  7. What do you feel ~ It’s my fave in this album. It’s a pop alternative song with strong guitar sound. I remember it’s some kind of brit pop/alternative tracks. It has western sound and more easy listening. I guess it has good lyrics with deep meaning. I looked for the trans of the song but not available yet… but I know it has good meaning. I liked it from the start even from the highlight medley released. It has to be one in the next tour setlist.
  8. ZOOM
  9. Clap Your Hands
  10. Moon

~~also see my post about LET IT SHINE

From those new songs above… yes I liked What do you feel most and the second is Dance Dance Dance. Magic slowly grown in me I think it reaches the top 3 then haha. Many fans say they want the old CNBLUE with more rock sound but I think as persons and musicians, CNBLUE and Yonghwa grows a lot and their influence in terms of musicality is wider that before. They want to make music based on their heart instead of what industry want. So it’s not only pop and rock, but they add electronic elements, etc. And it turns out their music is fresh in my opinion. Appreciate that they consistently creating good music.

Yonghwa’s vocal is no doubt, they add various instruments into their song and plus this time, Jungshin singing part is longer I think in the song What do you feel. It’s a good thing isn’t it. Their fans still enjoy their music even though it’s almost 14 years already either they are new or old fans.

Thank you CNBLUE for keep making music.

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