Jung Yong Hwa 1st Album One Fine Day

Congratulation Jung Yong Hwa finally released his Solo Debut – One Fine Day on Jan 20th 2015. So happy cos this is what I have been waiting for. Yonghwa’s hard work paid off. He composed and wrote all the songs and takes lead of making this album. We can listen to various genres such as Pop, Hip Hop, Ballad, and Rock in one album. It shows that he listens to many kinds of music that influence his music styles.

I can see that YH really shows us different music than what he composed for CNBLUE. YH’s also doing collaboration with many musicians: YB’s Yoon Do Hyun, Yang Dong Geun, JJ Lin, Verbal Jint, and even Peter Malick – an American musician, a blues guitarist – which come from many genres. That makes this album rich of sounds. You’re gonna love it.


01. Intro – Composed by: Yonghwa, TWO FACE | Arranged by: TWO FACE 

So touching. I love the violin and strings sounds in this 42-second track.

02. One Fine Day – Composed by: Yonghwa, TWO FACE | Lyrics by: Yonghwa | Arranged by: TWO FACE

One Fine Day is the title track, a ballad one. Sad song that is really touchy. Oh I cannot with this song. Yonghwa made it so beautiful. The feels like he sings his heart out. I love the string sections too. The pretty notes makes it more touchy. When I watched this MV, I got teary eyes cos I was so proud of Yonghwa. He’s too awesome, with the very nice song and great MV. 

03. Cruel Memories with Yoon Do Hyun – Composed by: Yonghwa, Han Seung Hoon, Go Jin Young | Lyrics by: Yonghwa, Yoon Do Hyun | Arranged by: Yonghwa, Go Jin Young, Park Hyun Woo

I thought a collab with YDH would be a heavy rock, but it’s a ballad emotional song. Yonghwa said he wants to sing more ballads this time so no wonder. YH is too awesome in this song, he can reach high notes well that I love. I don’t listen to YDH music but his voice in this song is so clear.

04. Energy with Verbal Jint – Lyrics, Composed, and Arranged by: Yonghwa, Verbal Jint

Lobbb this song and lyrics are so good. ‘I need your energy, I can’t move, please give your hands to me, I can’t breathe, now I’m on my knees, oh hold me, hold me please…’ stuck in my mind. Plus the hiphop part from VJ I love. They can blend the pop and hiphop sounds very well. My kind of favorite too… 

05. Mileage with YDG – Composed by: Yonghwa | Lyrics by: Yonghwa, YDG | Arranged by: Yonghwa, Go Jin Young

I read from some articles that YH made this song inspired by Yang Dong Geun, his co-actor on The Three Musketeer drama. Love the simple sounds and YDG rap make it more awesome. Kind of mood booster for me. The ‘shabilab’ part is my favorite. Hahaha. Yonghwa did a body-wave dance in the MV. Comical and funny MV btw.

06. Checkmate with JJ Lin – Composed by: Yonghwa | Lyrics by: Yonghwa, JJ Lin | Arranged by: Yonghwa, Lee Sang Ho

For me this track is a little bit rock which is my favorite. I love it YH and JJ Lin voice blend beautifully plus they sing in three languages, English, Korea and Chinese. JJ Lin is a Singaporean singer-songwriter, composer, and actor based in Taiwan. They are also friends so the chemistry is very good in my opinion.

07. Without You – Composed and Lyrics by: Yonghwa | Arranged by: Yonghwa, Han Seung Hoon

I imagine Yonghwa singing this very emotional. A ballad song that can break your heart, like I wanna hug him tight. Hehe. His powerful and nice voice is no doubt. I adore.

08. Last Leaf – Composed by: Yonghwa, Go Jin Young | Lyrics by: Yonghwa | Arranged by: Yonghwa, Go Jin Young, Park Hyun Woo

There was a time that hard for YH. I read articles that he made this song based on his experience where he wanted to quit bcos of much pressures. Ah Yonghwa, you’ve worked hard to reach this stage. You did well. Notes and sounds that very emotional expressing YH feelings is precious.

09. Goodnight Lover – Composed and Lyrics by: Yonghwa | Arranged by: Yonghwa, Kim Jae Yang

Ah Goodnight Lover for me kind of cheerful pop song that I can listen to it in any kind of situation. YH falling in love. ‘I don’t wanna go home so I’m saying goodbye hundreds of times. Time passes as we both tell each other to go first…’ I super love super love this song 🙂 Reminds me the old times… (hehehe)

10. 27 Years with Peter Malick – Composed by: Yonghwa, Peter Malick | Lyrics by: Yonghwa, Peter Malick | Arranged by: Yonghwa, Peter Malick, Francis Sooho Kim

This is song is about him I think. Beautiful warm memories in 27 years. You make me proud as a fan. And your Parents must be proud more… The collab is so nice and pretty, they match well. An easy-listening song.

Please support Yonghwa by purchasing the original album. For Indonesia and International fans, we can purchase on iTunes now. Listening to all these songs make me cannot wait for the physical album that I have ordered, with his sign.

Check out One Fine Day MV (where YH kissed the female artist hehe)… A very sad and touching MV. He’s so effin hot and handsome here. Actor Yong is daebak.

Comical acting and funny MV… Mileage feat YDG

Yonghwa released 2 versions of album (diff is only the cover) with hardcover 80p — A (white) and B (black) ver.

Buy the physical album here: yes24 (no-signed CD) | mwave (signed CD sale before Jan 27, 2015).


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed thsi album. In fact, I waited 5 years for Yong Hwa’s SOLO album. This is a FABULOUSLY GOOD album like a treasure of gems. His music & vocals are awesome. I hope he doesn’t make me wait another 5 years for a 2nd album.

  2. Can’t get enough of Yong Hwa’s solo… I ordered the version A and B signed one…. Then bought the whole album in iTunes. 😊😊😊 I love all the songs… Until now can’t pick which one my favorite😊 his really great singer/composer! Genius!

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