Jung Yong Hwa – 2nd Japan Album SUMMER CALLING

I’m a happy fan cos my idol is productive in releasing albums. Tho somehow I’m worried with the pack scehdule cos he had just released Korean album, DO DISTURB with all the promotion activities. Not complaining tho. Of course I will always support his projects.

He’s now coming back with new Japan album, SUMMER CALLING. Songs are in English and Korean. It suits the season now and the title track, SUMMER DREAM is just awesome. Yonghwa gives us another masterpiece. To be honest, this genre is my kind of fave.

  1. Intro. Some kind of electronic music, I think Yonghwa is now interesting with this kind of genre.
  2. Summer Dream. Like I said, this one is one of his masterpiece. It’s an easy listening song that makes us dance a little and feel the emotions my the voice and lyrics. No wonder this track is the title one with Music Video. Love the MV too. Yonghwa write the lyrics on the video. Oh and Yonghwa also worked with Justin Reinstein for this song.
  3. Closer. This song is also included in the Korean mini album, DO DISTURB.
  4. Make You Mine. Tbh I dont really understand electronic music but this track is kind a slow dance eelctronic one. Catchy lyrics ‘I’m gonna make you mine”. I think that yonghwa is genius cos he can compose this kind of music that can grab pop listener like me. Don’t think I am biased tho haha.
  5. Life is a Party. Already love it since the first I listened to the medley teaser. More groovy and makes me dance. There is 80s sound in it. The english pronounciation is awesome. It feels like listen to some british pop songs. And I think that Bruno Mars influence is big here.
  6. Not Anymore. This song is also included in the Korean mini album, DO DISTURB.
  7. Password. This song is also included in the Korean mini album, DO DISTURB.
  8. Navigation. This song is also included in the Korean mini album, DO DISTURB.

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Overall, I’m satisfied with this album I like Yonghwa sets different genre to the previous release in Korea so it won’t misunderstand fans. Tho some songs are included in DO DISTURB, but still the title track as the door to come into the album have different feels, between That Girl and Summer Dream.

Btw, it’s the first time from fnc japan and warner music to officially release CNBLUE Japan album on international platforms such as on spotify and iTunes, not limited to Japan providers. Thank you, we can stream a lot now 😀

Download and stream on Spotify | Apple Music – iTunes

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