Traces of Love

KBS Special Drama 2020, Traces of Love is indeed special. The actors are good and the story is likeable. It’s telling us about simple matter and relatable. About how a woman Lee Joo Young (Lee Yoo Young) who still has feelings for her ex lover, Jung Ji Sub (Lee Sang Yeob) who she dated for 5 years and and still cant get over it even after 3 years. She even dated her office friend Chief Park (Hong In) but it still doesnt work.

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On Your Wedding Day

My life’s been a series of impossibles. But impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion! Turning impossible into possible is tough. Sometimes you just have to face it head-on, which can often leave scars. But scars are signs of overcoming injuries!

Only one thing has the power to do that, and that’s love. That’s how I gifted her the trophy.

~Woo Yeon

-throwback to 2018- From the title we already knew that this is a story about someone who attends her/his ex lover’s wedding. First scene is when Woo Yeong (Kim Young Kwang) received a wedding invitation from his ex lover, Seung Hee (Park Bo Young). I was actually not ready to see an unexpected ending but since the actors are my favorite I watched this, and the story makes me stay until the end.

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A Little Princess

What a warm and touching story. This drama teaches us about a meaning of family. I’m impressed with the story and acting from the cast. For me it’s a must watch!

About a 72 yo woman, Mal Soon (Na Moon Hee), whose life suddenly changes after a 12 yo girl, Gong Joo (Kim Soo Ahn) and her baby sister coming to her house. Gong Joo said she is Mal Soon’s grandaughter.

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Sunset in My Hometown

A friend recommended this movie to me. Such a warmhearted light story, released in 2018. About Hak Su (Park Jung Min) who is a rapper, fails 6-time on Show Me The Money, a popular rap competition tv show. He left his hometown to survive in Seoul. One day, he got a phone call from someone that his father has stroke in his hometown.

At first he ignores that call. But finally he decides to come home. On the way hometown, there’s a rap song playing as background music that pretty much sums up what has happened between Hak su, his father and his hometown.

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Tune in for Love

I love it that I decided to watch this romantic movie. A netflix original film starring Jung Hae In and Kim Go Eun. The story is focus on both of them. We’ll be driven to follow their love journey. From the first impression, ups and down and how it ends.

1994. The story begins on the first day when singer Yoo Yeol becomes the DJ for radio program “Music Album,” Mi Soo (Kim Go Eun) meets Hyun Woo (Jung Hae In) who’s just released from detention centre. Hired as a part-timer at Mi Soo’s bakery store, they become close to each other and develop romantic feelings. One day, Hyun Wo’s friends come to the store and bring Hyun Woo out. Mi Soo seems sad, thinks Hyun Wo wouldn’t comeback.

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