Soundtrack #1

A very beautiful short romance drama, only 4 episodes, between two friends Han Sunwoo and Lee Eunsoo. They are friends for 20 years, but even tho as we know both of them have feelings for each others, Eunsoo is trying hard not to progress their relationship more than friends. She doesn’t want to complicate their relationship cos it can lead them to break up, and she againts it. She wants to be forever friends with Sunwoo. She’s really comfortable with him, she doesn’t want to be parted if something bad happens to them.

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Twenty Five Twenty one

It’s been a while since I’m so into a drama, into the characters. Now that the series is finished, I feel so empty. I really love Twenty Five Twenty One with all my heart. Not only because it’s beautiful but also because a lot to learn from this drama. I love how the writernim slowly makes me attached into the story, the characters developed so well. I eventually can’t help falling in love so deep with Na Heedo, Baek Yijin, Ko Yurim, Jiwoong and Ji Seungwan.

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Rookie Cops

This is the first time I finally watch a drama about Police Student. It’s Rookie Cops! A disney+ original drama starring Kang Daniel and Cha Soo Bin. I love Soo Bin’s acting and it’s Daniel’s debut drama. So I kinda curious. With some criminal stories, it’s kind of interesting for me but writer make it light. Plus the friendship is something to highlight here.

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The drama I never knew I needed! It’s one best drama to end this year. I can say one of the best. Never expected before that I would like Happiness but it turns out that this drama is so engaging and really really good.

It’s about a ‘newlywed’ couple Saebom and Yihyun who just move to a new apartment and turn out they have to face zombies, aka mad-man disease that spread through blood. It’s like an infectious disease and government haven’t found the vaccine yet.

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Yumi’s Cells

Yumi’s Cells is such a cute and fresh drama. It’s not specifically a romance but for me it’s like a slice of life that shows us how cells work in Yumi’s body to address all of her life issues. The cells are shown with super cute animation. Based on the same webtoon, Yumi’s Cells, this drama is well excuted for me. And I can say it’s a must watch if you’re a regular Korean Drama viewers.

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My Name

Whoa I like it. Every episode is so tense. About Ji Woo (Han So Hee) who wants to find her father murderer and taking revenge. She turns out work with a gangster with the help of Choi Mu Jin (Park Hee Soon), the one she knows as her father’s best friend. In order to find out about his father’s death, she changes herself into a new person and work hard to join the police department. She enters durgs investigation division and works with Captain Cha Gi Ho (Kim Sang Ho) who she assume as his father’s murderer and Jeon Pil Do (Ahn Bo Hyun).

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CNBLUE 9th Mini Album WANTED

CNBLUE is back everyone. This time they release rock genre. Yonghwa, as the composer of mostly songs in the album said that he wants to make songs that suitable for concerts. OMG, it’s been a while since the last time I came to their concert. Was it 2017 for Between Us tour. Though in early 2020 before this pandemic, I attended Yonghwa’s solo concert in Bangkok, but surely CNBLUE concert is different.

As fans, I really really love this rock genre album. The upbeat-song Love Cut as the title track is perfect choice. From the acoustic guitar to the bass play, and fast drum beats surely give us good vibes. With the Wild Wild West theme MV, it’s really catchy and different than CNBLUE’s comebacks before. This is the first time they act in the MV, without playing instruments.

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GRAY 1st Full Album grayground.

I’ve been listening to some K-rnb and K-hiphop a lot lately. I usually a casual listener… but now I think I’m slowly getting attached to this genre! Especially in this pandemic era when I can have more time to find out about this music. I remember started not too long ago with pH-1 music and he brought me to GRAY and Loco.

Well actually Loco was featured on Jung Yong Hwa’s song That Girl (2017), but that time I didn’t really pay much attention, I just knew him as a good rapper and proud that Yonghwa my ult bias can make music with him.

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Squid Game

What an experience. Binge-watching 9 eps of Squid Game is so tense and super interesting. Not only I can feel the game they are playing, but I feel like I can understand each of the characters. Starting from Gi Hun (Lee Jung Jae) whose life is so messed up: in debt, a gambler, divorced with the condition he can’t be a good ‘dad’ to his only daughter, still depends on his mother.

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