CNBLUE featured as ‘Headliner’ of The Month by Mnet America

It’s so cool. CNBLUE are being featured as the Headliner of this February by Mnet America. Headliner is a special program. A monthly biography series on the most high-profile Kpop stars in the music industry. I like how Mnet America presents CNBLUE in this video. It’s about how they pursue their career through obstacles until finally reach this stage. You can see Minhyuk cries at the beginning of their career when many people judge that they can’t play instruments well, support from Fans, and we can also see their charity project. I love it that they give back to society by making CNBLUE School in Burkina Faso and this year in The Philippines. So proud to be their fan. Make me love then more and more.

CNBLUE is currently preparing their comeback with the album title Can’t Stop. I am anticipating their comeback 😀 Mnet America will also air Go! which feature behind the scene and footage form their World Tour Concerts on February 24th, 2014 at 9PM local time. Anticipating!

*The og video is not available anymore so here’s video with Korean subs, by PS CNB

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