The Atypical Family

A story about Do Da Hae (Chun Woo Hee) is living with a family with superpower. Bok Gwi Joo (Jang Ki Yong) the only son has power to go back to the past, when he was happy at that time. The mother Bok Man Heum (Ko Du Shim) can dream about future. The big sister aka noona, Bok Dong Hee (Soo Hyun/Claudia Kim) can fly. And there is one more in the family who has a super power that no one knows, Bok I-Na (Park So Yi). I-Na is Gwi Joo’s daughter, and the mother passed away in an accident. It makes Gwi Joo’s down into depression. He drinks alcohol and he’s also being cold to his daughter. I-Na also think that herself is not wanted in the family. The only one who doesn’t have power is the father, Gwi Joo’s father.

Do Da Hae
Bok Gwi Joo

But in the present, Bok family has lost their power. They say it’s because of the modern technology. Mom can’t sleep well, Dong Hee is overweight, and Gwi Joo is in depression. It happens until Do Da Hae (Chun Woo Hee) came into the family. Da Hae is a con artist that she and the family (not real family tho) plan to steal Bok family’s wealth. Da Hae family members are the mother Baek Il Hong (Kim Keum Soon), who has a bath house, Grace Kang (Ryu Abel) who is a gym trainer, and Uncle Noh Hyeong Tae (Roy). They basically help the mother’s scenario to scam people and get big money.

At first, Do Da Hae apporaches the Bok family by being able to make the mother sleep. Mother falls in love with Do Da Hae’s ability since she’s really want to dream again. She even wants to set her up with Gwi Joo. She thinks it can help Gwi Joo is back to normal life again. Mother thinks that Do Da Hae may be their savior. The story becomes interesting because Gwi Joo can comeback to the past where there is Da Hae, meaning he feels happy when he meets her and only Da Hae can see him in the past.

Gwi Joo and I-Na

Always love scene between Bok Gwi Joo and Bok I-Na. I-Na must be lonely because she thinks her father doesn’t want him to be born. But Gwi Joo said that the happiest moment in his life is when I-Na was born TT.

Also after Da Hae coming to Bok family, Gwi Joo becomes closer to Bok I-Na and Da Hae is the first one who knows I-Na’s power. Yap, she can see what a person thinks by seeing that person’s eyes directly without glasses. And I-Na also said even tho she knows that Da Hae is a con artist, Da Hae is the one I-Na comfortable with when she sees Da Hae’s eyes.

Usually not into fantasy romance, but this time I like it. I don’t know if I’m biased cos I really like Chun Woo Hee’s acting a lot and I like Jang Ki Yong too. But seriously as time goes by, the story is getting more interesting and some plot twists we can predict are really cool. I like that at the end, family save their family, I think that’s what the writer wants us to get after watching this.

*spoiler* I like that the ending is satisfying. Gwi Joo is trapped in the past to save Da Hae and finally the one who can bring back him from the past to the future is their son. And the ending scene is so beautiful that makes me cry…. Chun Woo Hee’s acting when she sees Gwi Joo’s coming back is precious.

Note: Park Soyi as Sol I-Na is the scene stealer, I mean she’s really good. I watched her several times and she’s always good. This time she really takes great role that can show her good acting. Good luck and I am anticipating her next role. She’s gonna be great actors in the future.

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