CNBLUE 9th Mini Album WANTED

CNBLUE is back everyone. This time they release rock genre. Yonghwa, as the composer of mostly songs in the album said that he wants to make songs that suitable for concerts. OMG, it’s been a while since the last time I came to their concert. Was it 2017 for Between Us tour. Though in early 2020 before this pandemic, I attended Yonghwa’s solo concert in Bangkok, but surely CNBLUE concert is different.

As fans, I really really love this rock genre album. The upbeat-song Love Cut as the title track is perfect choice. From the acoustic guitar to the bass play, and fast drum beats surely give us good vibes. With the Wild Wild West theme MV, it’s really catchy and different than CNBLUE’s comebacks before. This is the first time they act in the MV, without playing instruments.

Love Cut. This rock song as I understand is about someone who wants to end the toxic relationship. The cowboy theme in the song is really strong. We can really feel CNBLUE sound here. Jungshin’s (melody) rapping, his bass play is really strong here. Minhyuk’s mature drum play is really interesting. I like the arrangement. They also add brass section to the song… like an old trumpet feels, I dunno, but it’s really goods and it makes this song so rich of sound. Masterpiece. Lalalala… in the song is stuck in my head. If you hear the whistle, it’s Yonghwa’s.

99% is a pop rock song. The guitar sound and the beat reminds me of the Love Girl or Love Revolution. This song is so CNBLUE. The drum, the bass. So groovy. I think this song is a must in CNBLUE’s concert setlist in the future. Again Yonghwa really knows how to make song felt good for our ears.

Hold Me Back is composed by Jungshin. He also makes the lyrics. There’s R&B feels in the begining of the song. If I’m not mistaken Jungshin said in CNBLUE live comeback talkshow that he made the song before he enlisted and wished that this song could be played by CNBLUE. And now it’s in the new album. Yonghwa gives acoustic sounds in the song. Hold Me Back is giving us sexy feels, beacuse of Yonghwa’s voice. It’s really goooood.

Nothing is a rock song too. Same like 99%, it’s really CNBLUE. There’s Japan rock influence. So it reminds me of CNBLUE’s Japanese album. And Minhyuk’s drum play is sooo good. Is it funk rock? Their music is way more mature here. Of course it’s such a waste if it’s not included in CNBLUE’s next concert setlist.

Time Capsule is perfect as the last song in the album. It’s Yonghwa’s song. It’s so pretty made. Very comforting with simple arrangement, ofc with beautiful voice. I imagine this song as the last song before encore. Yonghwa’s voice is so soft I can listen to it everyday.


This EP has two versions: DEAD & ALIVE, as they use cowboy concept. Tbh I can’t choose my fave song in the album but if I have to, I would choose “99%” and “Nothing”. Cos these songs really bring me back to the CNBLUE old era… and I can imagine we can jump and singalong with them in the crowd, in the concert hall.

As an active band for 12 years, I’m really proud of them. Them consistenly making good music is such amazing even though they also have their personal activities + military duty. In the comeback interview with the media, CNBLUE was asked what kind of musical color CNBLUE want to pursue. Yonghwa’s answer is really good cos he thinks it’s fun if they don’t know what kind of music they’re going to do in the future. As he gets older, he’s curious and looking forward to what kind of music they will do in the future. Maybe that’s why I think CNBLUE’s music growing up together with BOICE.

See the interview with English Subtitle, in the below video by pickcon.

I see that CNBLUE’s music is so wide, they don’t limit their genre. Their fans are coming from wide range of age, from what I see in the concerts. From baby boice to the grandma boice attend their gigs. CNBLUE’s music is maybe not everyone’s cup of tea but their color is solid in music industry generally and Korean Pop scene specifically.

So as fans, I’m also looking forward to CNBLUE’s music in the future too. But for now, let’s enjoy the concert vibes album. Stream a lot, appreciate alot. Thank you CNBLUE for your existance and for coming back with more mature songs and the concept we never knew we needed.

Pictures: CNBLUE official twitter

Adding Love Cut – Live Clip and their latest amazing performance on KBS Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook cos it’s a must watch!!!

Love Cut Live Clip:

Loner + Intuition + I’m Sorry (2021 Version)

Love Cut

Photos: fnc entertainment

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