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I should have posted about this long ago but I had no time (busy watching drama lol). The most happening singer right now I can say, Tulus. Muhammad Tulus Rusydi, a singer, songwriter, composer. With pop-jazz genre, He can bring us a different soul. Giving us something new, fresh color to Indonesian music industry.

Beside his best vocal, his lyrics are also very impressive. For me he has good quality songs, that’s his strength. Another highlight from me is he has a good band who follows him to perform at every gigs. Check it out guys, I’ve chosen the best vids ^^

This is Live! ~ Jangan Cintai Aku Apa Adanya


Note: He even video-recording while singing but still so awesome. I am a fan!

Music Everywhere on Netmediatama


Sounds From The Corner


Well, He also once performed with one of the best female singer in Indonesia, Raisa at 2014 Java Jazz Festival. That was a wonderful duet you must see (video credit: Edward Mulianto)


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