CNBLUE – 5th Japan Album EUPHORIA

CNBLUE just released 5th Japan Album titled EUPHORIA (happiness) on 19 Oct 2016, represents appreciations and blessings, also to celebrate 5th Japan Major Debut Anniversary.

The 5th album is released in 4 types: Limited Edition A, Limited Edition B, Regular/Normal Edition, and BOICE Limited Edition. Prior to the album, They already released Glory Days Music Video which is included in the album.

Limited Edition A CD+DVD   /   Price: 3,800
<CD> (All Tracks)
<DVD> Glory Days Music Video-


Limited Edition B CD+DVD   /   Price: 3,800
<CD> (All Tracks)
<DVD> SPRING LIVE 2016~We’re like a puzzle~ Multi Angle: Puzzle / Take me higher


Regular Edition CD   /   Price: 3,000
<CD> (All Tracks)


BOICE Limited Edition CD + DVD + GIFT     /   Price: 4,800
<CD> (All Tracks)
<DVD> FAN MEETING 2016 -BoiceTATION- SPECIAL LIVE: Domino, Hide and Seek, IRONY, Realize, Radio, Hold My Hand
Gift: Pop up book 「The Brave Adventures of the Four (members)~once upon a time…~」



Here’s track list and my not-that-important opinion bout the songs… 😀

  1. Be OK : Wow, I already liked this song, since the first time. Coldplay influence, from the sounds. I like Jonghyun and Yonghwa’s collab for the high notes. Makes this song more deep and emotional.
  2. Glory Days : So lively. Read in the article that this song is composed by Yonghwa and they dedicated this song to BOICE. Sweeeeet. The J-pop-rock style kind of song. I think someday when I can see them perform this song live, I can dance and jump.
  3. Take me higher : It’s rock. My favorite. The guitar melodi and sounds are great, and bass melody is good too + Minhyuk’s powerful beat, can feel it. I like the ‘distorsion’ part before the intro.
  4. Face to Face : My most favorite track so far in the album. Sound so fresh! I knew it, It’s Yonghwa’s song. I love it when CNBLUE can show me new sounds and diff style in every album without loose their true colors. This song is so cheerful. English lyrics and so cheesy… and catchy!
  5. Puzzle: Kind of J-rock. Melody from the guitar is good. The beat is cheerful, kind of everybody’s favorite. Is it me or there’s electronic sound in this song.
  6. Royal Rumble: New sound again from CNBLUE, electronic + guitar melody + bass mixed sound so good. Catchy harmony.
  7. Every time : Is it bosanova right? Yeah, I can say this is bosanova style of CNBLUE. Explore new genre again. Yonghwa’s powerful voice is so good plus Jonghyun sweet voice makes it all complete. English lyrics and sounds so cheesy again haha. ‘…I miss you every time, even when I’m with you, I only wanna be with you…’ 
  8. Stay with me : Ballad track composed by Jungshin. Me likey… Since the lyric is in Japan, I dont understand but this song is so pretty. Ah, Jungshin you did great job!
  9. Slaves : I have been so curious about this song, since the track list was released. Why ‘Slaves’ Jonghyun? Hahaha. In my mind, it’s like I’m a Slave for You by Britney Spears lol. But after I read the lyrics, It’s about him addicted to the cellphone, slaves for the phone. As expected, jump jump song from Jonghyun which is I like so much. The part ‘No no no no no no no, I wanna go back, I’m just a slave. No!’ is my fave.
  10. Blessed : This song sounds so healing… Accoustic guitar in the begining of the song. For me, mature sounds. Tho when I read the lyrics are about someone who feels lonely even when he’s with his lover.

BOICE, what is your fave song in the album? My favorites are Be OK, Take  Me Higher, Face to Face, Stay With Me and Slaves. Ah basically like all the songs hahaha. Hm I can be biased but, CNBLUE for me again have proven their maturity in music and never failed to show us their true colors tho they have always been exploring new genre in their album. Amazing album.

Good news, EUPHORIA is now no.1 on Japan Oricon Daily Album Chart on 18 Oct 2016. Cool huh, it’s just released yesterday hehe. You can buy EUPHORIA online ( or and purhcase the digital album on iTunes Japan. For international fans, you need an iTunes Japan Store account in order to purchase paid contents or download free contents in iTunes Japan Store. Check here for the tutorial.

Here’s the medley songs from the album EUPHORIA. Check this out.

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