CNBLUE Guerrilla Concert

Hope this is not too late to share with you guys my fave Korean Band CNBLUE, Guerrilla Concert. They perform live also in order to promote thier first full album First Step. This is broadcasted on a tv. Have a look.

At the first there’s also interview to all member about the preparation for the concert and making album I think. And what I like is the opening, Oetoriya (I’m a Loner), my favorite song from CNBlue. Ah they play very good. Yong’s performance is always the best. No Doubt.

At the video 2, JongHyun sings Lie, which is very sad song and beautiful. His voice is very clear. It’s a good composing from JongHyun.

And then, They perform Thank You very nice. Ah Really love them. They know how to show their best. 12:57, see Yong’s sleeping. Cute 🙂

On the last video, The backstage scene for Korean Music Wave in Bangkok, and there’s some supports from another artists for their album lunching.

Over all, they perform very good though I think they look a bit tired in some scences. Only some songs played, but maybe because of the duration from the tv channel.

But still I love this concert. Their outfits are also very nice, not too much. Even Yong looks a bit slim. What I see is they shows their best and their improvement as a band and skills thru this concert.

You can see on some of the the videos that nowadays not only Yonghwa can be the center of the performace, but MinHyuk and JunShin also get more camera shots 🙂 JongHyun also speaks a lot to the fans. Good then. Love it.

Videos Credit: 4CNBLUE (thanks guys, you are the best!)


  1. Gomapsimnida ranty-ssi for posting this mv *_^
    Dari kmarin2 susah bener nyari nih video, hehehe
    Keep updating yah neng, hope someday they (CNBLUE) will make a great concert here in Jakarta, Indonesia!! Hwaiting!

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