CNBLUE 4th Mini Album ‘Re:BLUE’

While posting this one, I am listening to I’m Sorry, a track from the 4th mini album by the Korean Pop-Rock Band, CNBLUE, titled Re:Blue, which stands for ‘the rebirth of a new CNBLUE. So happy because this is really an anticipated comeback.

CNBLUE also celebrates their 3rd anniversary debut (14 January 2010) with the released of this album. The title track for the comeback is ‘I’m Sorry’ which is composed by the leader Jung Yonghwa. This song is awesome, shows their maturity in music. Plus… It’s a rock song! Love it. Great Job Yonghwa!!!

After listened to the all song, wow I love this rock album. Yonghwa’s voice is amazing,The sound from guitar and bass are amazing, plus Minhyuk’s dance rock bits really good. My fave personally is The Guy Like Me (Naran Namja) & Where You Are because of the rock sound, and I believe we’ll dance when watching their concert. But I’m Sorry and Coffee Shop has power too.

Track List:

Coffee Shop
Lyrics: Jung Yong Hwa
Composed: Jung Yong Hwa

I Am Sorry
Lyrics: Han Seung Ho, Jung Yong Hwa
Composed: Han Seung Hun, Jung Yong Hwa

Where You Are (English)
Lyrics/Composed: Jung Yong Hwa

Na Geudae Boda
Lyrics: Han Seung Ho, Kim Jae Yang
Composed: Lee Jong Hyun, Kim Jae Yang

Naran Namja
Lyrics: Han Seung Ho, Jung Yong Hwa
Composed: Han Seung Hun, Jung Yong Hwa

Lyrics/Composed: Jung Yong Hwa

Even though the members nowadays are really busy with the acting schedules, but I believe they did a well prepare for this album. We can see that the boys received all-kill on many Korean Music Charts.

I really hope that I can see more live performances through this comeback. CNBLUE Fighting!

PS: I love Jungshin’s new style, but Yonghwa goes blonde.

Enjoy the official MV:

Source:, TV Daily

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