Jung Yong Hwa – Reply Project Vol.1 Would You Marry Me?

First song after military discharge. You, Me, Us (Would you marry me?) is a song written & co-composed by Yonghwa. This song is featuring his best friends: Lee Joon, Yoon Doo Joon of Highlight and Kwang Hee. Four of them started their friendship since probably 10 years ago, when they were still rookies in the industry and until now it’s still going strong.

This is not their first collaboration as they were together for Infinite Challenge 4 years ago. Thanks to Kwanghee, he brought them to perform in that show for the mission as wedding singers. At that time Yonghwa was also taking part for the arrangement.

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CNBLUE – 2nd Full Album ‘2gether’


After 1 year and 7 month, CNBLUE is back with their 2nd full album ‘2gether’. 2gether combines the number “2,” which stands for their second full album and the word “together” revealing the hope that listeners can enjoy CNBLUE’s music together. CNBLUE releases their title track Cinderella with rock disco genre composed by Jung Yong Hwa.

They gives a different vibe this time since the last mini album Can’t Stop. I personally like Cinderella since the first time teaser released. They have grown up so much in music.

In this album. CNBLUE also includes Radio and Control from the Japan album. Lee Jong Hyun’s song, Heart Song also included, with Korean lyrics, Foot Step. I believe for you who loves pop band will absolutely like this album. And I really anticipating the live performance from them. I hope I can come to one of the tour, COME TOGETHER. *fingercrossed*

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150530 Jung Yonghwa – One Fine Day in Singapore


One dream came true. Long waiting was over. Super love this experience. First Jung Yonghwa solo concert in Singapore. Beside I could watch him real close, I could see him performing my favorite songs right in front of me. You know after watching the concert, the deep feeling. At first I really wanted to take lots of pics using my phone, but after the concert started I felt like, I was captivated and could not do anything beside just enjoyed the music, sang along with him I sang and sang til I didn’t realized maybe could annoy people near me. Hahaha. Overall, it’s all a success and superlove the show. Maybe you can say I am too biased, but after experiencing the concert, I can say he’s such a good and professional entertainer.

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2015 Jung Yong Hwa ‘One Fine Day’ Live in Singapore

One Fine Day in SG Poster

I couldn’t be more excited. Indescribable feelings. Jung Yong Hwa first solo debut concert One Fine Day live in Singapore. A concert that you should not miss. Will be held on May 30, 2015 at The Star Theatre, The Star Performing Art Centre, Singapore at 7PM. Unfortunately the VVIP is already unavailable as sold out just in minutes after the online sale started. But no worries, since other sections are still available. Grab fast.

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Jung Yong Hwa 1st Album One Fine Day

One-Fine-Day Cover

Congratulation Jung Yong Hwa finally released his Solo Debut – One Fine Day on Jan 20th 2015. So happy cos this is what I have been waiting for. Yonghwa’s hard work paid off. He composed and wrote all the songs and takes lead of making this album. We can listen to various genres such as Pop, Hip Hop, Ballad, and Rock in one album. It shows that he listens to many kinds of music that influence his music styles.

I can see that YH really shows us different music than what he composed for CNBLUE. YH’s also doing collaboration with many musicians: YB’s Yoon Do Hyun, Yang Dong Geun, JJ Lin, Verbal Jint, and even Peter Malick – an American musician, a blues guitarist – which come from many genres. That makes this album rich of sounds. You’re gonna love it.

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