The Three Musketeers Episode 12 [Final Episode of Season 1]


Episode 12: A Letter from The Continent. Princess got shot by someone. I think It’s Mi Ryung. Huhuhu. Hate her. She escaped from jail. Poor Princess. Prince looked so sad and shocked.


Prince found Mi Ryung since she caused chaos with shot princess and sent poison to Dal Hyang father. He came to Mi Ryung with Anger, Mi Ryung shot him but finally he could kill her with swords. Yeah!


Dal Hyang was so sad about his father’s death. He rememberes his memories with Fathers. Huhuhu.


Then, He got a letter from Seung Po.


Prince got shot but Mi Ryung got shot too… Yeah. Mi Ryung dead. Seung Po and Min Seo were arrested and interogated bcof of the King’s order… and Park Dal Hyang too… The officer arrested Dal Hyang and bring him to prison. They were all in Jail. Its bcos The Three Musketeers deceived the King. King knew everything including the Prince went to Anju.


King ordered to punish them… Hiksss. Andwae. But, Dal Hyang had no regret. He said it’s better to die together than dying alone.


Prince came and wanted to give himself too. He could let the TTM alone without him.


And I think in this scene, Prince so cool. He came and told King that he made his wife in danger and innocent friends to die. So he would take the punishment him self. He wanted to die alone.


But finally, good thing, King stopped the punishment…I dont understand but I think The King felt that The Prince was true. They all saved. The King wanted to decide their punishment later. Good.

Prince cried thinking about The Princess. He was afraid that Princess died cos people said that Princess maybe won’t be saved… πŸ™


Suddenly Princess came and fortunately she’s alive…. AH Thank God. I am glad that she’s alive. She was so happy cos the Prince cried thinking about her. Hehe. I like Princess. She can be so cute and even brave. She deserves to be happy. Prince happy too πŸ™‚


In shorts. After a few months the war was erupted. Prince and Princess was captured as hostages. Palace with no master hurt Dal Hyang.


Two years after Prince and Princess captured by the Later Jin, Dal Hyang started his life as he arrived in Shimyang carrying out the King’s order. Shimyang was where Prince and Princess, and of course TTM lived.


Huhuhu, Dal Hyang still handsome πŸ˜€ He, as the Royal Primary Guard wanted to meet Prince, Princess, Seung Po and Min Seo. Cos he missed them so much. Hehehe. But too bad, he couldn’t find them.

Hahaha… wait I captured his expression so cute when he expected Seung Po came… He just missed the TTM so much.


And yeah, they were in a restaurant, Dal Hyang really really met TTM and were so happy. The Three Musketeers were back! As in the past, people didn’t know the Prince…


OMG So sad this is the last episode of TTM and really can’t wait for the Season 2. Cos what makes me curious is…. guess what?!


Damn. Mi Ryung or Hyang Sun … arghhhh she’s back. Okay there will not be season 2 if she died. Huhuhuhu…. She met KJJ. But right now, she didn’t want to be Princess, she wanted KJJ to keep his promise to make her to be ……



In Shorts… I love this drama not just bcos Yonghwa is here but also bcos the story is good too. The actors really good cos they can portray the characters so I could understand the story. Since I am not a historical drama lover.

Prince (Lee Jin Wook) is so good too. The cool prince but cheesy sometimes. His acting no doubt. While Seo Hyun Kin as Princess is so gorgeous. She can bring good vibe to the drama cos sometimes politics are bored. From cutie princess to emotional and a mature wife of Prince.

Heo Seung Po (Yan Dong Geun) and Ah Min Seo (Jung Hae In) give colors also in the drama. Seung Po with comedic character and Min Seo portrays the sweet character. Good Job TTM πŸ™‚


Finally. Season 1 just ended already. I am so sad yet feel happy cos I am so proud with Jung Yonghwa. As a fan I can see Yonghwa can be so good as Dal Hyang, His acting improved a lot and I like it. And It’s been a while since the last time I watched historical drama.

Each episode, I love him more and more. Not only action scenes, but in my opinion he can strengthen the emotional acting like crying and happiness. His facial expression I love it. You can say I am biased, but yesss of course these TTM posts are all dedicated to the one and only Jung Yonghwa.

I wont give many comments on this last post of season 1. I think this post is just for admiring Actor Jung Yonghwa.

I hope on the Season 2 he can be more mature in acting career and can show more Dal Hyang character in good way… πŸ˜€ Ckckck I heard that there will be love line with Tani on the Season 2. Oh yeah please, I expect Dal Hyang love story. Tani kid was so cute and she even saved Dal Hyang and after two years who knows she become a cute pretty lady suits for innocent Dal Hyang haha…

See you actor Jung Yonghwa πŸ™‚

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