Black Dog

Black Dog is one of the most relatable Korean dramas I’ve ever watched. About a non-permanent teacher, Ms Ko Ha Neul who tries her best to be permanent at a school. As a viewer I think this drama is not spesifically talk about teacher, but implicitly about any worker who works temporarily or contract based, can feel it too.

Succesfully captured my heart, applause to the team. Though there is no romance here, no rich-poor kinda story, but the theme is really something. Not sure if there is this similar story in K-drama history, but for me this is the first drama that brings out something that is not mainstream.

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The Three Musketeers Episode 09


Episode 09: Summary Execution. Prince ignored the Princess’ wish to set her apart as he didn’t want other man take advantage (well, he already fell in love with her I think). He also asked Princess to think about their family too. Princess got stressed and got drunk. Cute hahaha. She was drunk and told many things to the guard and her maids. But finally Prince came and took care of her.

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