The Three Musketeers Episode 09


Episode 09: Summary Execution. Prince ignored the Princess’ wish to set her apart as he didn’t want other man take advantage (well, he already fell in love with her I think). He also asked Princess to think about their family too. Princess got stressed and got drunk. Cute hahaha. She was drunk and told many things to the guard and her maids. But finally Prince came and took care of her.


Secrets about Mi Ryung also revealed. In resume, The real Mi Ryung is daughter of a family who was dead bcos of Hyang Sun. Means Hyan Sung killed the girl in order to be Prince’s wife. Huhuhuhu. Prince knew about it that’s why he wanted Hyan Sun to commit a suicide. That was so scary and that case also made Prince always had a nightmare.


After woke up from got drunk, Princess was given letter from Prince. Prince wanted her to give his time ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope thing doing well between them.


Dal Hyang was still with the Envoy team. He looks so handsome ottoke. Hahaha. They stopped in Anju and had break for 4 days. He met a girl who liked him. She always looked at Dal Hyang. Tani, daughter of Manchu Merchant, 15 years old ๐Ÿ˜€ So cute and young. Look how he looked at Tani. Hahahaha… Well, she’s still kid but even a kids knows handsome man ๐Ÿ™‚


His smile after Tani said Dal Hyang is handsome HAHAHA. Love it.


In Manju, Dal Hyang with YGD and Enjoy team had a break and they even held a party. Dal Hyang met KJJ and seemed KJJ had already plan something for YGD and Dal Hyang.


YGD was so careful with KJJ’s plan. And it was Hyang Sun who got caught by KJJ and got ordered to drug YGD.


And yes, Hyang Sun had just put drugs to the alcohol that YGD drank. Seemed like she wanted to drugged YGD so YGD could kill Dal Hyang.

He’s looking for Dal Hyang then and asked him to fight. Swords fight. I like this scene cos It was so good. But Seems like YGD was under toxic and wanted to kill Dal Hyang. That’s no no.


Dal Hyang got stabbed. Huhuhuhu ottoke Dal Hyang. The Head of Park Dal Hyang couldn’t be found. Was that the real Dal Hyang?? I can’t believe it. It was all bcos of KJJ!


Meanwhile, King was suspicious about what happened, Prince went away to recover health or the relationship with Princess was bad. KJJ spreaded the rumour Princess had affair with YGD. Plus, KJJ wanted the King know that Princess hid YGD and revealed all the things between TTM and YGD.


Princess lost her hair pin and KJJ put it in YGD’s room. To make the rumor he had spreaded, seemed real. Problems getting bigger. Ah… I hate KJJ.

Seung Po sent letter to Prince. Told that: Dal Hyang was killed and the body was buried. But Seung Po and Min Seo still believed that He’s alive. If he’s dead, there was no need to hide his head. In order to solve the case, they need to find the Hyang Sun, the one who drugged YGD. Prince needed to go to Anju to see himself and to find the hairpin too. To protect Princess and everything.

YGD was going to be killed bcos of the punishment after he killed Joseon Officer, Dal Hyang.


The other hand. The one-eyed man wanted to killed someone!!! LOOK….


Park Dal Hyang… He’s alive he’s alive!!



Hoaaaa it’s one of the nerve-wrecking episode. It’s still episode 9 but how come Dal Hyang was dead too fast, hehehe. Well. This episode is not my fave. Cos the funny part only when YH met Tani who likes him cos he’s handsome ๐Ÿ˜€ Gurl, I also like him cos he’s handsome (plus talented…) :p>

But how Dal Hyang smile and to the girls, why I feel like he’s soooo Yonghwa when he is shy!


Well yeah, cos Tani is still 15 YO seems like Dal Hyang wont have any romance scene in this drama lol. Poor bb.

Prince-Princess love line I like now. How Prince still tried to protect Princess and didn’t want to break their relationship. I like it when Prince said in one scene that ‘her wish’ won’t come true! (for me means he will be back to princess and they are still Prince and Princess, happy ever after) Hehe. The Princess smile and I love that scene.


I can say Dal Hyang is so special in everybody’s heart. Prince and Princess of course, and the Three Musketeers. Seung Po and Min Seo don’t believe Dal Hyang is dead already and still tried to find his real body.

Well I expect something more actions next episode, more fights, cos I saw in the preview that The Three Musketeers will be back ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait.

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