The Three Musketeers Episode 09


Episode 09: Summary Execution. Prince ignored the Princess’ wish to set her apart as he didn’t want other man take advantage (well, he already fell in love with her I think). He also asked Princess to think about their family too. Princess got stressed and got drunk. Cute hahaha. She was drunk and told many things to the guard and her maids. But finally Prince came and took care of her.

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The Three Musketeers Episode 04

TTM04-01Episode 04: Protect the People from the Enemy, Yong Gol Dae. It’s so political and military feels. Park Dal Hyang, officially a military officer. As we know before that PDH got a mission from the prince to find Mi Ryung and bring her to the Prince. PDH was still confused why Prince ordered him the mission since it’s not related to his job to protect the country. A personal matters. But Prince said that’s the order and PDH had to do that.

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The Three Musketeers Episode 02


E02: The Three Musketeers. Started with Park Dal Hyang (PDH) who caused trouble at the military exam. Oh poor Dal Hyang. He accidentally shot a horse and it was a chaos. Ministers got hurt and even the King’s face suffered from abrasion. PDH who made the chaos was being discussed by the Royal whether he could pass or fail. PDH worried what would happen to him.

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The Three Musketeers Episode 01

Finally. What we have been waiting for. The Three Musketeers. A new drama of Yonghwa who’s playing as Park Dalhyang. Usually, I only will post about drama after I watch all the episodes. But now, bcos my love for Jung Yong Hwa (JYH) kkkk, I just want to post a little, caps and my opinion about this on-going drama. The title of the first episode is First Encounter.

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