The Three Musketeers Episode 04

TTM04-01Episode 04: Protect the People from the Enemy, Yong Gol Dae. It’s so political and military feels. Park Dal Hyang, officially a military officer. As we know before that PDH got a mission from the prince to find Mi Ryung and bring her to the Prince. PDH was still confused why Prince ordered him the mission since it’s not related to his job to protect the country. A personal matters. But Prince said that’s the order and PDH had to do that.

TTM04-02Something lovey-dovey between Prince and wife. Wife wanted to put talisman (papers from monk to win husband’s heart and to get baby soon, kkk) in Prince’s room, but suddenly Prince came and gotcha. Hehehe. Prince really knew how to embarrass princess in a cute way and he said she’s good person, he knows why PDH keeps his promise after 5 years just to find Yoon Seo.


And the most important thing, Prince said something shocking, He doesn’t like Women… lol. I know it’s just an excuse and to tease Princess aigoo… Hahaha.

TTM04-04PDH’s parents so happy that their son passed the exam and officially a military officer now. He even got a servant kkk. Pan Se.

This part that you must not miss, PDH bareback scene lolol… He wore his uniform and showed his sexy back. Aigooo Yong you have a very nice muscle back hahaha. This was only two second shot but Emotional Angels (JYH fans) going crazy.

TTM04-05 TTM04-06 TTM04-07 TTM04-08Started from today he would be working as a Kwonji, a trainee before officially positioned.

TTM04-09 TTM04-10King’s pressured by the country officers to decide whether to greet the Yong Gol Dae envoy or not. YGD passed the Joseon with the message that they wanted to change their King’s title to Emperor and change their relationship from allied country to a master and servant relationship.

Prince helped King with decision to made. King was so down and suffering with the enemy, with what happened, all the servants who played with him and wanted powers.  But finally King decided to greet them and discuss all matter later as they had to value the equal relationship.

PDH came to Mohwaguan, the YGD’s place and found a letter about he got message form Kim Ja Jun and The messengers (One Eyed Man and Hyang Sun which is Mi Ryung). Things got complicated and YGD was fallen in a trap of Hyang Sun. They didn’t trust Hyang Sun and kept an eye on her.


She also wanted to meet Mi Ryung and danggg found her not at the right time. She was changing her cloth and … Hahahaha… How come you do that to our innocent Dal Hyang, Mi Ryung!! Unfortunately PDH got shot by her poisoned needle when he found out that Mi Ryung had the crown prince letter (a love-letter to Park Dal Hyang from 5 years ago…). PDH fainted and could do nothing. Mi Ryung successfully ran away.


How come you can be so hot when you faint like that… Good Looking Dal Hyang…


The controversy, King came to Mohwaguan to greet the enemy. But on the way there, people said how could King betrayed people who bled for the country. King then made a shocking order, he not only wanted to greet them but wanted to behead with YGD. Ordered his team to arrest YGD. No…. I think he started a war.  But I know it’s a hard decision tho.

Prince was afraid that this would be a disaster to Joseon and asked King to cancel order. YGD ran away and met PDH. DH remembered that King’s order comes first. He tried to get YGD and they fought. I can see Dal Hyang’s sword skill here. Hahaha happy fan. Can Dal Hyang win??



Hahahaha… So actually, this episode is mostly about polictics like what I said. A bit serious. My favorite scene of course the two seconds shot that makes everybody going crazy lol. Yong even tweeted the pic with the caption ‘oh’. It’s like he wanted to say ‘I am sexy and I know it’. Hahahaha. Punch Yonghwa. Well… I love it too. I appreciate your hard work for this drama and build your muscle as well… lmao.

The innocent and pure Dal Hyang are still my favorite parts too. When he asked Mi Ryung to get dressed when she tried to seduce him. I also like it also when he really details when Prince orders him a mission as he knows that he works as country officers to protect Joseon.


Finally at the end, Dal Hyang showed his sword skill and fought with YGD. I like that part. Action scene is what I have been waiting for every week. But you know I am a greedy fan. I still want the fighting scene more. I am also expecting the playful, joking, funny PDH.

From the next ep preview, PDH will get caught by the prince when he come to see Princess to ask about the letter that has not been burned yet by the princess. PDH maybe still has feelings for Princess Yoon Seo,  but I got a feeling that she will have a happy ending with Prince.

Well, PDH don’t be so sad okay. Since you’re now an officer, please focus on your country and be a forever handsome officer. kkkk…. *hugsdalhyang*

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