The Three Musketeers Episode 06


Episode 06. Donwonsu Kim Ja Jum. Previously on last episode Princess came in the middle of the fight between Dal Hyang and Prince.


They finally stopped the fight and Dal Hyang arrested by Seung Po and Min Seo. Poor Dal Hyangie… He was arrested in the Library where Yong Gol Dae also stayed.


Prince got hurt. Seung Po helped the Prince. Seung Po said he was successfully made Prince jealous of Dal Hyang and it showed that he loves Princess. But Prince just didnt realize his feelings and probably didnt know how to show it. Kkkk… Seung Po really gives colors into this drama.


Princess came to Prince’s room and took care of her husband. Prince teased her that’s sweet. But in the end, she also requested to release Park Dal Hyang and let him go.


Prince wanted to have a fight with Dal Hyang with intention to make him lost the bet. From YGD he got the trick to lose Dal Hyang, cos YGD once fought with Dal Hyang. Dal Hyang was so weak with trick even though his swords skill was good and fast.


Hikss Dal Hyang. Poor you babe. Can I just hug him … Dal Hyang lost the bet and Prince wanted him to go home and do whatever he wanted to do. Dal Hyang was not an officer anymore…


Someone changed the lock of the library where YGD stayed. No one knows except the Prince, Minseo, and Seung Po. Yes, there was a spy. You know? Princess Maid. So maybe she’s also the one who stole Princess letter and gave it to Mi Ryung. Dal Hyang found the maid but someone hurt her, wanted to kill her. Before she died, she told everything to Dal Hyang that Mi ryung was the one behind this.


Political issues took so many scenes here. Well I am not interested in it. But the point is Kim Ja Jum told to the King that there’s someone in the country who worked with YGD and promising their loyalty to Later Jin. He tried to persuaded the King, influenced the king to find the traitor, when he actually was the one. Mind trick. I think he wanted to make a ‘war’ to the prince. KJJ was very dangerous.


After meeting the Maid that night, Dal Hyang was trying to find out where Mi Ryung.


Smart Dal Hyang finally found her. Then he met Prince, he wanted to at least finish his mission. He said he found Mi Ryung. Prince wanted him to solve the mission too with him and lead him to Mi Ryung.


Prince went to Mi Ryung… They talked just the two in Mi Ryung’s room. Suddenly, Dal Hyang and the one-eyed man, Mi Ryung people, heard something happened in the room, they came in and found out Prince was shot by Mi Ryung… Blood. Ottoke…



I will say thanks a lot to writer who made many action scenes for Dal Hyang this episodes. Love it so much. Dal Hyang character, Love it too, He has his own charm, pureness and everything. I like his new outfit this ep, the blue-purple one, compared to the old one. Yeah, he’s not the old Dal Hyang, He’s already an officer, I mean ex-officer hehehe.

This episode is not my favorite I think is more about politic which is the topic I am not really interested in. Cos many political issues will make me miss Dal Hyang more. Hahaha…

Well. I like it when Prince gets jealous of Dal Hyang, and he doesn’t realize his feelings. I like Seung Po role here when he can bring some comedic situations between Prince, Princess and Dal Hyang, even in the politic case.

Guys, take a look. Dal Hyang is getting more handsome every week. What to do…


This epic expressions!! How can he still looks so nice…


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