The Three Musketeers Episode 10


Episode 10: One for All, All for One. YGD fainted. Meanwhile someone came to kill Dal Hyang but failed.


One-eyed man came. But before he came in, Dal Hyang killed the man who came to tried to kill him before and hid. His legs seemed hurt.


One-eyed man was still not sure if the dead body with no head was Dal Hyang. He tried to find the head but not found. Then he came to the room and found out someone under the floor alive, he suspected it’s Dal Hyang.

Someone saved YGD. The Three Musketeers arrested by KJJ. Even Mi Ryung came to Princess telling her that she wanted to dream again about being a Crown Princess. ๐Ÿ™

Meanwhile. KJJ made a negotiation with Crown Prince. KJJ wanted him to marry his niece and be the next crown princess. Yeah Hyang Sun. So he can control the Prince and Princess. Dengggg…. Prince please no!!


Princess talked to Hyang Sun who really wanted to be Prince’s wife. I feel so good that Princess talked very wise and bold. She’s gained his strength. She told Mi Ryung to Dont dictate her life, and even Prince doesnt love her, he’s not that type of guy who will do bad to his wife. She trusts him.

Wow that’s very impressive. I like. ๐Ÿ˜€ And she also told Hyang Sun that she didn’t believe Dal Hyang was dead.


Prince was forced to sign that he will marry Mi Ryung to saved YGD – Princess case. But suddenly when he wanted to sign (bcos no choice), Tani (the lil girl who liked PDH) came in and tried to find The Three Musketeers. The guard caught her and Princess stopped to sign the letter. I think Tani came bcos Dal Hyang asked her.


Yeah!! Before this happened, Tani and her father saved Dal Hyang!!!


Dal Hyang was so confused. No one could help him since Tani and Father should cross the border. But, Tani’s father said that his guys found Dal Hyang sword (Prince gave to him) on his grave. Yes, People knew Dal Hyang already died and Prince took the sword on his grave before.

So Dal Hyang believed that TTM were there in the country. They could help him now. That’s why Tani came to Prince and TTM at that time.


Prince changed his decision. He didnt want to change Princess. His gained his confident to solve everything without accept Mi Ryung to be Princess!

One-eyed man and the team found Dal Hyang. They tried to kill him. But suddenly TTM came to help Dal Hyang!! FINALLY!!


Dal Hyang came back to Hanyang. He brought the hair pin that was stolen by KJJ before. Princess needed to wear that pin to the birthday party with King. If not, then the scandal about YGD and Princess would be true. So Dal Hyang needed to save her.

OMG I love it how Dal Hyang gave the hairpin to the Princess right before she came to the party. And She was so thankful to Dal Hyang for being alive.


So good! This scene was so good! I like! That’s so touchy for me ๐Ÿ™‚

Princess came to party with happy face and King was so shocked cos he was thinking that Princess lost the pin!


Huuuu handsome Dal Hyang ๐Ÿ™‚

But what happened to the TTM?? They got arrested by the people in the country who didn’t know that they are from Joseon, The Prince of Joseon :))



OMG it took me more that 2 days to write this. Just bcos I was too busy with Training and Business Trip. Thanks God I finished this before the E11 with EngSub will be out. Kkkkk….

Not much. But I love the Princess-Dal Hyang scene. For sure. My style. Dal Hyang was so manly I can cry han river!!!! Princess must be so moved with the gentlemen and manly Dal Hyang! Who doesnt…


Yonghwa acting was so gooood in this episode. And in E11 would be more impressive for sure! Yonghwa fighting…

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