The Three Musketeers Episode 03


Episode 03: Secret Mission. Previously, Dalhyang stuck in the crowd where he wanted to get the messengers but found Yong Gol Dae: General of Manchu and the squad who’s coming to Hanyang… Thank God, he successfully ran away when they started to shoot Dalhyang! Well he saved by the horse…


Dal Hyang finally back to his home. He looked so pale, tired and so bad. Woooo puk puk Dal Hyang 🙁


Suddenly someone came and his reaction was so fast and ready to shoot cos he’s still can’t believe he could run from the squad before…


The Three Musketeers sent letter via the servant asked DH to come to Minister Choi Myung Gil. He’s the teacher of those three.


Actually DH wanted to give a letter from his dad to Minister Choi too. So he came and gave it to him directly. The cutest thing is that His father is the Minister Choi’s cousin’s brother in law’s uncle’s cousin. LOL. What!!! Hehehe… Minister Choi tried to remember but he ended up forget DH’s dad. Well, anyway, He then informed DH that war is very closed. The country is not doing well.

The day of the ceremony, Bang Bang Eui, where Park Dal Hyang officially passed the military exam and officially an officer. Crown Princess was thinking about DH and did remember the old times. She promised to come if DH passed the exam. Then she finally decided to come to see DH at the ceremony. Aigoo why I feel so sad watching this moment. I think the Crown Princess, Yoon Seo still had feeling for DH. Hm…


At the ceremony. DH dang surely looked soo handsome!! OMG falling in love hehehe. He was so good looking and his smile melts me. Proud and happy smile ^^


Seung Po sent someone to be DH servant as a gift and bcos he said DH deserves a servant now. His name his Pan Se. But seemed Pan Se didn’t want to be DH’s servant…  Seung Po also complimented DH looked so good with his uniform at the ceremony. Kkkk…


It’s so funny when Pan Se ran away from DH. lol.


DH looked so lonely like I wanted to come and hug him tight. (hmmm… hehehe). He did remember his first love. But suddenly someone came. It’s Crown Prince!! He came to give him a secret mission.


Yupp… as predicted. DH was asked to look for Miryung and bring her to Crown Prince. That’s Crown Prince order. Miryung actually Crown Prince first love who hung herself 5 years ago and now related to envoy. But Crown Prince confessed to DH that he killed her.

No one knows included the two from The Three Musketeers. And Only DH knows Miryung face. So, what happen then? Will DH accept the order? And why Crown Prince asked Park Dal Hyang secretly?



Wow…. This Three Three Musketeers drama is getting more interesting every week. Bcos I am a yonghwa fan, kkk, I will focus how YH improves his acting skill very well. This drama is getting deeper from the story side also but I really anticipate more of DH action scenes, like swords scenes, more challenging ones. Ah cant wait.

I like the jokes parts too! Where DH got a servant but the servant didn’t want and ran away. I like it also when Minister Choi didn’t know DH’s father. And the most important thing is at the ceremony.

Seriously DH costume. Hehehe. His flowerpot outfit is so daebak. Love it but it’s so funny.


I also found that Crown Prince is Park Dal Hyang fan. Hahaha. He’s a fanboy. LMAO. Why? Bcos from the first episode till now, Crown Prince was always on DH side and he teased DH often 🙂 And I think I am in love with him too. Look at his eye smile -_-


Well, there is one more thing that makes me crazy and can’t wait for the next Sunday is the Bareback Scene, that YH posted few days ago on his twitter (and makes TL is full with his holy sexy back pictures) will be on next week episode. HAHAHA… ladies. Be ready! You might need extra oxygen next week. Calm down okay… !! kkk…

Here’s the Episode 4 preview:


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