Do You Like Brahms?

I can’t believe it after such a long time, I finally found favorite on-screen couple that I think have a good chemistry and have sweet, engaging romance. Too attached that I think I need some times to move on from this drama.

A slow-paced romance drama that’s really touching for me after I’ll Go To You When The Weather is Nice, Do You Like Brahms? has a beautiful music background indeed and good cast. It’s all thanks to the director and the writer who is actually majored in music. Story about the romance of classical music students, about finding their love and pursuing their dreams.

Chae Song Ah (Park Eun Bin). 29 yo. She’s a violin major student, who enrolls later than the other peers, after she graduates from college. She falls in love with violin. She really likes playing it and desperately wants to be good at it. But she’s lack in experience and always the last in the class even tho she’s worked hard.

Park Joon Young (Kim Min Jae). 29 yo. A genius and famous pianist who wins a lot of international competitions. He’s back after taking break for doing tours and competition. He demotivated because of personal issue, family, love and music career. So much pressure for being sucessful. He is seemingly not happy with his life.

What I highlight about this drama:

Lead Characters. Though this drama is slow-paced but surprisingly I really enjoy it. I can see writer wants us to digest slowly the characters development. Especially for the leads. We’re brought to feel the pain and the joy of them.

Both are introverts. It takes time for them to open up and trust new person coming into their lives. I appreciate that process. Joon Young who has family issue, feeling lonely, and Song Ah who lacks of confident. It’s too sweet seeing them falling in love and getting close to each other. I can feel the sparks and chemistry.

I remember Song Ah falls in love with Joon Young when she coincidentally sees Joon Young playing piano and it really warms her heart. Joon Young falls for Song Ah’s pureness, how she really loves her violin, her care for other first than herself. Her sincerity. I just like it how the director and the writer picture them. They’re connecting through music.

The only character I don’t like at first is Jung Kyung (Park Ji Hyun) who is selfish. She even breaks their friendship. The trio musician (Joon Young, Hyun Ho and Jung Kyung). Even more she ruins her relationship with Hyun Ho (Kim Sung Cheol). Though at the end she realizes she just envies Joon Young and his career that she wants to ‘own’ him.

Consolation. Healing. I love to see that Song Ah and Joon Young relationship is like a healing for each other. Both of them have suffered enough with their own problems. Song Ah makes Joon Young realize that ever since he started playing piano, he did it for others not for himself. He should be free when playing piano, just like when she sees him at first and his piano play really consoles her pain. Meanwhile, Song Ah is really happy playing violin. But always being the last in class makes her down even more. When people talk bad about her being close with Joon Young she’s sad but it doesn’t bother Joon Young at all. He firms with his feelings and he’s there for her.

Background Music. OST. All of the BGM are so good. It helps us viewers feels the emotions while watching it. About the music they play in the drama, I salute the casts for practice playing the instruments really hard for the roles.

The Ending. *Spoiler Alert* Eventually after all the obstacles and hardships, Song Ah decides to quit playing violin. That’s the most heartbreaking moment since her love for violin is so pure. Her professor is so mean to her and a lot of issues hurt her pride so much until she can’t handle it anymore. And her friendship is broken. Like I really wanna hug her.

Even tho it’s a happy ending, I feel so much pain and desperation in Ep 13-15. But I’m satisfied, the ending is worth it. It’s realistic and humanist. At first I thought the writer wanted to show us that with willing and hardwork Song Ah can cope her issues and beat all those talented musicians. But reality bites. Experience and talent work! The competition is hard.

~ My point of view. Song Ah has tried her best to study and has done a lot. But with all the hardships, living in anxiety for years, if she can’t handle it anymore, I prefer her to quit and choose to be happy.

Song Ah decides to accept reality, to love Violin with her way. She slowly leaves her violin and chooses to become Musical/Concert Organizer under Kyunghoo Foundation. I think she finds happiness when holding events in the musical hall. That’s her way of loving Violin and music.

I salute Song Ah because it takes courage to quit what she desperately loved to do. And she finally can let it go and finds what she wants to do. She can continue her dreams in music while also be with Joon Young. Joon Young is a huge comfort for her when she’s down.

I remember the phrase in the finale episode:

That day, I don’t remember what my wish was. But at that time, I already knew. Because of this man, even if I get hurt over and over again, I will go on loving. That’s why I’ll go on dreaming. Even if I get hurt again, with all my heart I will love again and walk straight ahead -Chae Song Ah

Do You like brahms? ~ Ep16

Joon Young who is lonely, pressured to maintain his career, and even before decides to quit playing piano too, is now finding his happiness and warmth from Song Ah. Song Ah consoles him that makes him realized what he wants to do. He finally decides to continue music and naturally follows his heart while playing piano. Being free.

Their romance and love are surely healing each other pain. This drama itself is healing for everyone who’s struggling like them too.

Like the title of the finale ep: Cressendo. Gradually louder. Even if they are maybe at the lowest point of them lives, work and music career, they will grow even bigger with time, when doing and valuing them with love together with the loved ones. So go on loving and dreaming.

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