Kotaro Lives Alone

I’m not watching many doramas, but this one is good. Starring a 5 years old kid, it brings out so much lessons to learn for us while it’s also entertaining. About the unpopular manga writer, Shin Karino (Yu Yokoyama) who lives in an apartment complex suddenly finds out that there is a 5 year old kid, Kotaro Sato (Eito Kawahara) just moved in beside his house and lives alone. He’s so curious how can a kid lives by himself and eventually their interaction makes them closer. Not only both of them, the interaction between Kotaro and the ones who live in the apartment complex is interesting too.

Karino at first is annoyed by Kotaro but then they become closer. What I like about this series is just, the writer and the director make this so light while the actual theme is undeniably heavy. It tells us about live and humanity. Kotaro is a kid who has to deal with his Father who performed domestic violence to his mother. And until the end of the story (season 1) Kotaro doesnt know that his mother actually passed away.

There is one thing that makes Karino’s heart melting is that Kotaro’s smile when seeing his drawings. It makes him confident to write better manga everyday. Kotaro is a mature kid tho of course he still has his children side in him. He knows when someone lies to him. I remember he said: “No lie could ever make me happy”.

He likes a certain character of an anime, that I think it represents the kind of person Kotaro wants to be. A strong one. He always brings his swords everywhere. That anime also has implicitely deep meaning for him. He remembers his mother when watching that anime, his mom smiles at him. The anime character affects him, like how he speaks. I like it… and I like his relationship with Karino, he calls him: Good Neighbour, Lord Karino. Their relationship is unique like brothers or family. Including member of the apartment complex: Lady Mizuki (Yamamoto Maika), Lord Tamaru (Namase Katsuhita), the elderly couple (played by one person Issey Ogata) and Lady Ayano (Mitsuishi Ken) with their own backstories and loveable characters.

How does Kotaro survive living alone? Actually he regulary gets money from a law firm which is from his mother insurance, and of course he doesn’t know that because the law firm people tell him that it’s actully a donation. And what’s more important that he has his courage to be a better and tough person so that’s why he gets to live alone rather than at the foster care. He thinks that when he bcomes a strong and brave person, his father wont do a violence anymore and will like him dearly. Oooh how come a kid thinks like that… I cries.

Kotaro is such a lovable character and surely his appearance makes a good impact in the apartment complex. Without him, maybe they won’t be that close to each other.

Yup tho the story is light and entertaining but I cry in each episode. Like a roller-coaster, you’ll smile and cry watching this series. It’s a recommended drama and I for sure demand for a season 2.

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Gonna miss them so much!! Season 2 please………..

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