Kotaro Lives Alone

I’m not watching many doramas, but this one is good. Starring a 5 years old kid, it brings out so much lesson-learneds for us while it’s also entertaining. About the unpopular manga writer, Shin Karino (Yu Yokoyama) who lives in an apartment complex suddenly finds out that there is a 5 year old kid, Kotaro Sato (Eito Kawahara) just moved in beside his house and lives alone. He’s so curious how can a kid lives by himself and eventually their interaction makes them closer. Not only both of them, the interaction between Kotaro and the ones who live in the apartment complex is interesting too.

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Tokyo Love Story 2020

Just finished this Japanese Drama with sad feelings. My ship sunk unfortunately. Tokyo Love Story is actually a Manga written by Fumi Saimon adapted to be a serial with the title ‘Tokyo Love Story’ which was released in 1991. After 29 years, the 2020 version was released with the same title. Gosh, 29 years.

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Perfect World

This time is for a Japanese melo-drama, Perfect World. Based on a manga with the same title, this drama is executed very well in my opinion. I haven’t read the manga before and I also found out that there’s the movie version too.

About Ayukawa Itsuki (Matsuzaka Tori) who’s a bright basketaball player in highschool. In the university, he got a terrible accident that injured his spinal cord and he became paralized from waist to down. He’s now on wheelchair and working as an architect. Because of works, he then meets a girl, Kanawa Tsugumi (Yamamoto Mizuki) who’s graduated from the same high school with him.

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Love Lasts Forever

An Incurable Case of Love also known as Love Lasts Forever is so cute! Yeah, It’s a light Japan drama. A love story of a girl who works hard to achieve her dreams, to get recognition from Dr Tendo (Tendo Sensei). Its a simple drama, with a happy ending of course. But what makes this story interesting for me is Sakura’s character. She’s so consistent, cheerful and a hard worker. Always being herself and makes eveybody around her happy.

Tendo Sensei is a cold doctor, who is calm but adorable. And he’s so cool! He can’t help but falling in love with Sakura. He’s maybe cold but he really cares of her. I like it that Tendo sensei realizes his feeling early, writer doesn’t drag us too long till they are finally dating. But I think everyone who has watched this drama will agree that the climax is when Tendo finally says ‘I love you’ to Sakura. It’s something Sakura’s been waiting for. Episode 9. A super sweet confession, he cries… TT

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