Traces of Love

KBS Special Drama 2020, Traces of Love is indeed special. The actors are good and the story is likeable. It’s telling us about simple matter and relatable. About how a woman Lee Joo Young (Lee Yoo Young) who still has feelings for her ex lover, Jung Ji Sub (Lee Sang Yeob) who she dated for 5 years and and still cant get over it even after 3 years. She even dated her office friend Chief Park (Hong In) but it still doesnt work.

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Do You Like Brahms?

I can’t believe it after such a long time, I finally found favorite on-screen couple that I think have a good chemistry and have sweet, engaging romance. Too attached that I think I need some times to move on from this drama.

A slow-paced romance drama that’s really touching for me after I’ll Go To You When The Weather is Nice, Do You Like Brahms? has a beautiful music background indeed and good cast. It’s all thanks to the director and the writer who is actually majored in music. Story about the romance of classical music students, about finding their love and pursuing their dreams.

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Oh My Venus

Oh My Venus Poster

Oh My Venus. I can laugh and cry a lot watching this drama. I remember even watching the raw video (without English subtitle) I cry so hard. Gosh I’m weak. So Ji Sub and Shin Min A acting are so good here it touches my heart.

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She Was Pretty

She Was Pretty Poster 1

When you want to watch romance drama with the handsome and charming guy lead actor I think you have to watch this drama. Park Seo Joon with his charm, I cannot not to watch this one. She Was Pretty. His acting is no doubt the best. I am not a fan of Hwang Jung Eum but the chemistry between Seo Joon and Jung Eum is very good here. I can feel it.

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Oh My Ghost


Ah just finished watching the last ep and super super love this drama. It aired the finale ep last night and got so much attention from netizens and viewers. Oh My Ghost is such a great cable-drama and always got high ratings. Staring the great actor and actresses, such as Park Bo Young (Na Bong Sun) and Jo Jung Suk (Chef Kang Sun Woo). Their both chemistry is adorable.

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