The Three Musketeers Episode 01

Finally. What we have been waiting for. The Three Musketeers. A new drama of Yonghwa who’s playing as Park Dalhyang. Usually, I only will post about drama after I watch all the episodes. But now, bcos my love for Jung Yong Hwa (JYH) kkkk, I just want to post a little, caps and my opinion about this on-going drama. The title of the first episode is First Encounter.

Set in the Joseon era, the story begins with someone named Park Ji Won found the book ‘The Memoir of Park Dalhyang’ in a huge library in a forbidden city which was written about 100 years ago. They said It’s a fictional book but his instinct said that it’s not. He’s curious about it. He will record and tell story again from now on about Park Dal Hyang and his friends that definitely existed  and had legendary life. His story starts from this episode.


E01: First Encounter. The story begins with 22 year old Park Dal Hyang left his hometown to join the military exam. He went to Hanyang, the Joeson’s capital to pass the exam. Many unfortunate things happened on the way to the capital. He spent two months to get the capital and even lost his money.


Like a destiny, He accidentally met the a Man and 2 of his friends who are called ‘The Three Musketeers’. The Three Musketeers found Dal Hyang’s letter which is from his first love named Yoon Seo. From that man, Dal Hyang found out that Yoon Seo, his first love who is the reason why he wanted to come to the capital, and marry her after passing the military exam, already married with the Crown Prince.


Dal Hyang was so sad he even cried. Waaaa…. I cried too (YH acts so good… I just cannot…like I want to give him a bear hug hehe). He almost gave up the military exam even though he practiced everyday for the last 5 years but finally decided to continue to join the exam after talking with from that man from The Three Musteketeers.


At the exam, he got good ranks in archery, gun, etc. He’s so absolutely cool and talented (indeed).


At the last round, he found that the Man from the Three Musketeers is actually the Crown Prince, the husband of his first love… He lost his focus. And… will Dalhyang pass the exam? What will happen next?


After watching twice, I can say I am loving this drama. Okay it’s still early but I think I love the plot. Love how the writer tells the story to us viewers. First 15 Mins is so fun, tells us about how Dal Hyang get to the capital. Fighting scenes are so good too. The story makes me want to continue and curious til the end. Hmmm… I love Dalhyang outfits too. Hahaha. About YH acting, I read good comments and many compliments. I am absolutely agree. I am so happy that YH as Dal Hyang can move my heart. I am a proud fan, a happy fan. Good Job Yong, Good Job.

I am afraid I can’t continue posting about this drama every episodes but will try my best. Since this is the first episode, hopefully this is a good start. Can’t wait next episode!


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