The Three Musketeers Episode 11


Episode 11: A Kiss. Anju officer just realised that they arrested Crown Prince! He ran to Prince and bowed. But wrong person, he bowed to Min Seo kkk.


TTM successfully sent YGD to his country safely. Meanwhile, King looked for the Prince. To hide the situation, Prince just was told to be gambling in Hanyang. So Prince and TTM went again to Hanyang to act as if they were really gambling there. Officer then found them and they had to meet the King. King mad and compared them to Dal Hyang who was so loyal to the King. Hahah saved the princess and prevented the war himself.


Look at TTM face! LOL…


Meanwhile Dal Hyang was smiling. He could not tell the truth anyway hehehe <333

King positioned him as Primary Royal Guard. *claps* KJJ got arrested by Anju Officer right after advice from TTM. King was impressed by Dal Hyang’s story went under the floor to hide and listened to KJJ’s plan.


Prince looked for the Princess, but she was about to leave to the temple. Prince and Princess seemed so happy meeting each other. πŸ˜€ I am happy too. Princess said that she got her hairpin back from Dal Hyang and grateful he’s alive. Prince looked upset (I mean jealous).


He went. And Princess ran to catch him. She asked why Prince looked upset. He even didn’t know and then kissed her. OMG sweet! Yes yes yes, That’s we have been waiting for Prince!


Princess was shocked hehehe and Prince suddenly left. She looked happy, and both looked happy πŸ™‚


Dal Hyang sent a message to Prince that he already successfully tricked Mi Ryung to move her to a place bcos Prince wanted to accept her as Princess. He didn’t do anything to Mi Ryung until Prince’s advice. Prince met her. She seemed waiting for the prince to come.

But unfortunately, after meeting her, Prince ordered her to get arrested in Palace’s Prison. She’s obsessed with Prince. She couldn’t accept and told to Dal Hyang that all of this was just a misunderstanding and Prince would understand her.


Dal Hyang met his father who came all the way from Gangwondo. That’s the touchy moment yet funny. Dal Hyang so happy and father also, plus he was really proud with his son who already became the 6th Primary Royal Guard πŸ˜€ Dal Hyang cute face…


At night, Someone came to inform Dal Hyang that Mi Ryung hung herself and then escaped. Huhuhuhu. Dangerous Mi Ryung.

The saddest part was when Mi Ryung sent drinks to Dal Hyang father (but said that it was from Seung Po), but unfortunately it’s contained poison. Hiks hiks. Not sure from whom, but either Mi Ryung or KJJ. Dal Hyang father was dead. Dal Hyang was just so happy meeting his dad and now he had to be killed. Mi Ryung had to be arrested and get the punishment!!


Dal Hyang cried a lot!! I wanna hug him.

The other side. Prince went to see Princess cos he’s missing her so much. He kissed her deep and said he knew his feelings now but could not say it to her cos he had pride too πŸ™‚


But what happened after they kissed? Andwaeeeeee…. someone shot the Princess :((



Wow. So this ep for me basically half about Dal Hyang arrested Mi Ryung and Half about Prince-Princess love life. Even there is no action scene but there some emotional ones.

First. The moment when Dal Hyang finally met his father who came to his successful son. They hugged and laughed together, such a pretty moment for me. Cute Dal Hyangie when he met his dad. Such a kid. Like a child, just like heaven <333


Second was when Dal Hyang found his father dead after got poisoned. Hikssss. That was the saddest moment this ep, plus I can see Yong Hwa acts so well and proud. The crying scene I love so far from Yong Hwa. Like I want to hug him tight.

Dal Hyang Crying Scene TTM E11

Third, the emotional moment when FINALLY Prince realised his feelings that he loves Princess and kiss her. That was just so good for me. The writer made it natural. I like πŸ™‚

Well guys, I love it also when Dal Hyang taught Mi Ryung about Love like a pro. Aigooo… kkk. That’s my fave moment!


Dal Hyang proud of you baby!! πŸ˜€

Dal Hyang Eyes TTM E11

I really can’t wait for the last episode, I don’t want Princess to die. But I don’t want it to end too cos I will miss Dal Hyang a lot πŸ™

Tonight, Final episode of season 1. Looking forward to the Season 2 and 3…

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