Black Dog

Black Dog is one of the most relatable Korean dramas I’ve ever watched. About a non-permanent teacher, Ms Ko Ha Neul who tries her best to be permanent at a school. As a viewer I think this drama is not spesifically talk about teacher, but implicitly about any worker who works temporarily or contract based, can feel it too.

Succesfully captured my heart, applause to the team. Though there is no romance here, no rich-poor kinda story, but the theme is really something. Not sure if there is this similar story in K-drama history, but for me this is the first drama that brings out something that is not mainstream.

I can say this drama is serious. But surprisingly I don’t think it’s boring to watch. I love how we slowly follow Ms Ko’s journey. When she sets the goal, she works hard. Ms Ko survives to team up with her senior who is hard to deal with, etc. Being a real teacher is not easy, yeah same with other occupations too, not easy, but in this drama… you’ll get another insights.

With the help of Mrs Park team, she finally survives in the school. What I see that she learns a lot from being a newbie, temporary teacher. And finds what her real purpose being a teacher.

Seo Hyun Jin as lead is very good, as always. I can feel her pain as temporary teacher, being gossiped, etc. In this drama, Ra Mi Ran as Mrs. Park Sung Soon really leads well. She is amazingly annoying yet adorable. Never once she failed to portray characters in her dramas I think. I learn a lot to Mrs Park. Her leadership is being challenged here.

I always feel emotional after watching every episodes. Everyone has their own problem, everyone is struggling to survive. A lot to learn for sure.

Looking forward to this kind of drama in the future.

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