CNBLUE Comeback Show

CNBLUE Can’t Stop promotions will be ended soon. But still everyday I want to know their updates. I think my love is growing more and more. I even made a twitter account dedicated to CNBLUE and all about them. Don’t laugh! … Hahaha. Anyway, since the promotion ends soon and they will have new activities for Can’t Stop concerts in some countries, I want to share The Comeback Show aired by SBS earlier this month, which I love so much.

These videos belong to CNBLUE USA who worked hard for the Eng Sub. I actually watched live streaming that day (140303), but I don’t understand what they say. For you hard core fans must have watched, but if you havent please check them out to know them more especially about the new album Can’t Stop 😀

Part 1. It tells us about how they feel about recording the show and the comeback as well. Started with Diamond Girl. They are so shining with the good music arrangements. Nice song to open the show. Live for sure. With the brass and of course nice suit.  A little bit about their journey, comments from artists which also their friends about them. Compliments of course. Song Eun Yi said: “if you want to know CNBLUE, you have to experience their concert”. Hm absolutely true onnie. 🙂 Then, they sing Love is. This song is so meaningful I think. I am in love with this one. Yonghwa said Jonghyun voice suits the song.

Next song, Cold Love. My favorite song in the album Can’t Stop. The composer is Yonghwa. Jonghyun said: You can’t write good song if you haven’t experienced love.” Waaaa 🙂 There is also footage about their world tour in Chile. You can see what they do during their tour and concerts. Nice 😀 Next, Sleepless Night. Jonghyun is the composer. And IU thinks that he must be a kind person after listening to this song.

After they play Cold Love, there is footage about reviewing their debut and performances in the past. Talking about debut, experience, and journey, they perform I’m a Loner (Oetoriya). Omaigad. Love this part where they can enjoy the performance like a real concert and the viewers scream out loud. Yes like a mini concert. Reminds me of Blue Moon World Tour 🙂

Continue with the rock songs Coffee Shop + I’m Sorry. They are more wilder and really rock the stage. Yonghwa is so active on stage. Leather jacket, black outfits. Love it. Then, Behind the scenes Cant’s Stop MV.

Finally the comeback track, Can’t Stop. Nice song. Aaa cant describe anymore. This song is so good. Rock song with Britpop sound, but still with Korean style. Last but not least, Like A Child. My fave song in the album beside Cold Love. I don’t know how to say, but if you listen to the melody, it’s really like heaven. And IU really wants this song as well 🙂

At the end, I can say that this comeback show is really special. Love the concept, love all the comments and compliments from the artists as well. CNBLUE really shows their maturity in this album, with their passion and good musicality. CNBLUE, you did a great job. You already made a wonderful memories. Can’t Stop loving you, CNBLUE. Good luck for the Can’t Stop Concerts.


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