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After 4 years, CNBLUE is back to our home country, Indonesia. I am so happy that I can finally experience watching CNBLUE, my ultimate favorite band, here in Jakarta. The concert was held in ICE BSD, on July 15th, 2017. I should’ve written about this long ago but … lazy-busy mode :D

I actually have declared that I would stop watching concert, not because I don’t stan them anymore but because I need to reduce my fangirling expenses lol. But hey, they are coming to Jakarta, I should come. So I decided to purchase the seating section (Silver). It’s IDR 1.500.000. There are three sections, VIP IDR 2.800.000, Gold IDR 2.200.000 and Silver. Then I just have to accept the fact that this time I have to watch them far compare to my previous concerts. But I hope this time is not my last chance to see them live. Because once you watch you can’t stop, especially CNBLUE in music show on TV is different than when you watch their concert. They can play live music instrument and stage acts are awesome.

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160213 CNBLUE – Come Together Live in Singapore


I am so grateful for having experience attending Come Together concert live in Singapore, last week, 13 Feb 2016 at Singapore Indoor Stadium. I talked to myself earlier, if they have stop in Singapore I must come. Yeah and it came true, I am a happy fangirl.

With my BOICE friends, we experienced the joyful of being a fangirl, met some BOICE from around the world, made friends, and the most important thing is ‘enjoy the concert’. This time Amel and I, we both made a small project to share free giveaways for BOICE who came to concert. We collected donations and used walkontheside’s fanart to make notebook and fan, and we also printed some photocards.

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CNBLUE Comeback Show

CNBLUE Can’t Stop promotions will be ended soon. But still everyday I want to know their updates. I think my love¬†is growing¬†more and more. I even made a twitter account dedicated to CNBLUE and all about them. Don’t laugh! … Hahaha. Anyway, since the promotion ends soon and they will have new activities for Can’t Stop concerts in some countries, I want to share The Comeback Show aired by SBS earlier this month, which I love so much.

These videos belong to CNBLUE USA who worked hard for the Eng Sub. I actually watched live streaming that day (140303), but I don’t understand what they say. For you hard core fans must have watched, but if you havent please check them out to know them more especially about the new album Can’t Stop :D

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