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Finally, I have done watching it. Actually, a friend recommended me to watch this drama. I missed few episodes at first. But bcos my friend said this one is good, then I tried watching the E01. Park Dong Joo (Lee Sang Yoon) and Yoon Soo Wan (Goo Hye Soon) are still young back then.

Unbelievable, I cried a lot at the E01 and impressed with the acting of the actors. Kang Ha Neul (The Heirs) who plays as young Dong Joo is very good. I can feel the emotions. Nam Ji Hyun plays as young Soo Wan. Their chemistry is gooooood!

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Many scenes that I like from this drama. Especially when they are having a date and watch the stars.

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Angel Eyes (32)
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Lee Sang Yoon and Goo Hye Soon chemistry is good. They are the new actors anyway. I like it they play mature roles in this drama. I like Lee Sang Yoon melo face. He really suits this role.

As viewer I wanted Dong Joo to be happy with Soo Wan after all the problems and misunderstandings. Though it takes so long, I’m happy that finally it’s a happy ending. Please if not, I will be very disappointed.

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I can say this drama is about Love and Family. You can watch so many complicated problems related to family. But, you can learn many things. How to love our family, how to protect family and ones we love. What I got, just be with the ones you love, cos you’ll regret it if you lose them. Be good to them while they’re here with you.

Score: 8.5 out of 10 | Watch it on VIKI

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