Tell Me That You Love Me

I read that it takes long time for this drama to be taken by TV station since it is mostly in silent. But finally ENA/Genie TV make it happen cos I believe because this is a good story. It’s actually a remake of Japan series, 1995 TBS’ Tell Me That You Love Me.

Cha Jin Woo (Jung Woo Sung) has hearing impairment since he was child. He has sad past and is not comfortable with his disability. He expresses his feeling through his paints. One day he meets Jung Mo Eun (Shin Hyun Bin), a new actress who’s express his feeling thru words.

They meet and comfort each other. Love the first meet of them. It’s so deep and really get the feelings. They fall for each other and slowly the relationship getting close. At first the communication is fine, Mo Eun even learns sign-language so that he can understand Jin Woo. Jin Woo also can read Mo Eun’s lips.

Jin Woo is happy to be with Mo Eun and vice versa. Mo Eun comforts him even tho she has his worries too. She changed his career to be actress and it’s not easy for her. Jin Woo finally opens his heart after bad experience in the past. But the miscommunication between them is unavoidable. Jin Woo’s ex-girlfriend, Song Seo Kyun (Kim Ji Hyun) comes back to Korea, she is a director of an art exhibition. Jin Woo also has his best friend, since they’re child, Hong Ki Yun (Heo Joon Seok). His role is important in Jin Woo’s life cos he’s always be there when Jin Woo feels lonely because of his disability, that people bully him.

I really love the story, I love how the director wraps it, like so realistic. It’s not easy to communicate between two different people but at the end, they need time to understand them selves and to know what they feel inside.

*spoiler* Jin Woo wants to take a break from their relationship and wants to go traveling abroad. In my opinion, this story is shown how Jin Woo is having the trust issue and doubt Mo Eun, because of his past relationship and their differences. He’s also afraid to hurt Mo Eun because of his disability. But after the breaking-up and thinking a lot, he finally realized his feelings and Mo Eun is till there waiting for him. Her feeling is still the same. And eventually Jin Woo can tell to Mo Eun him self that he loves Mo Eun. It’s like the title, Tell Me That You Love Me.

This drama is slow, warm and beautiful for me, and I hope for you too. So well written and well executed.

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Pictures: hancinema | Trailer: disney+ hotstar Indonesia

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