Wedding Impossible

It’s been a while since I watch a romcom but this Wedding Impossible steals my heart. Tbh I was interested to watch at first because Jun Jong Seo is the lead female in this drama. She is a very good actress so I’m curious if she is acting a romcom on small screen. I think this is her first lead role in a tv series.

Na A Jeong (Jeon Jong Seo) is an extras actress. Her career is stuck but actually she’s a talented. She has a nice family that support her. And also has good friend Lee Do Han (Kim Do Wan). Do Han is from a chaebol family that runs a LJ Group. Someday he’s pushed to get married but he can’t because he has to hide his sexual orientation. And then he asks A Joeng to act to be his wife. A Jeong who is desperate about her career accepts that request because she thinks this is the first time she finally being a lead role + helping her good friend.

On the other hand, Do Han’s brother Lee Ji Han (Moon Sang Min) opposes the marriage. He doesn’t want Do Han to get married with A Joeng. While he tries to disrupt his brother marriage (well he doesn’t know that’s a fake marriage at first) he falls for A Jeong. And vice versa, A Joeng is falling in love with Ji Han too. And the story becomes complicated.

Not only about their romance story, there’s also story about how A Jeong struggling becoming an actor and also about Ji Han has trauma of his mother died. His grandfather is still hiding how the mother death from Ji Han and Do Han.

Overall I like this drama. Though it’s a fake-marriage trope romcom, but it’s fun. I like Na A Joeng’s family, they make this drama balance with their funny stories. It’s based on web-novel but I haven’t read so I dunno if the story is exactly the same or not.

Some plot may be not logic and the idea of breaking up in 2 eps before the ending is typical but it’s a romcom anyway haha it still entertains and touches our heart. Some scenes make me cry too… Moon Sang Min’s improves his acting a lot here in my opinion and I think he chooses the right role. He suits being Lee Ji Han, visuals, tall, all the criteria being a romcom male lead. Sang Min and Jong Seo chemistry is perfect too. I love Jun Jong Seo’s acting since the last time I watched her in The Call. Ah she got baeksang from that movie.

Oh, Jong Seo’s real boyfriend who is a director appears as cameo in the final episode. Also there are some big names like, Jung Kyung Ho, Kim Bum, etc.

Btw the ending is cute haha and I like it that it’s only 12 episodes. If you want to watch some cute and entertaining romcom here you go.

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Pictures: tvN / Hancinema | Teaser: Prime Video Philippines

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