Angels Fall Sometimes

I didn’t know that this drama could be this sad. I watched with no expectation, nor I read the premise before. But I really like it. One of the best c-drama that I like. Started with Lin Tuo (Lin Yi) meets Ahn Zhi Que (Landy Li) during their summer internship recruitment program and fall in love at the first sight. I like it when they start they relationship.

Getting close, they finally graduate and search work together. I see that they are there and support each other. Love to see the process of their relationship. They look for jobs, are working part-time and they are taking the relationship seriously.

Lin Tuo finally gets accepted at the design company introduced by his senior, and Zhi Que decides to open a cafe. Both of them had best friends, Chen Guang Pu (Sun Tian Yu), Lin Tuo bestie who doesn’t work but he’s rich anyway and He Xin Di (Li Xin Ran), Zhi Que’s best friend who does live streaming. Guang Pu is my fave character btw.

Everything is fine until Lin Tuo is diagnosed ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) and his life is not long anymore. This disease gradually result weakness in arm and legs, and muscle wasting. It can cause the loss of the ability to eat, speak, move and breath. It ruins his future plan and ofc his relationship with Zhi Que. He wants to take a break because he doesn’t want to give much pain to Zhi Que.

On the other hand, the relationship with Parents is now getting better because at first their parents opposes him to take design major, cos they want him to be a doctor. Parents are so strict not only to him but also to his brother Lin Ye (Chen Ze). Lin Tuo is also close to his granpa but until the end I think the grandpa doesnt know about Lin Tuo’s illness.

Love the plot and surprisingly their acting. Tbh don’t really know the actors but the faces are familiar, cos maybe I watched their drama before. I really enjoy episode by episode with smile until I reach the peak and cry a lot. Seriously my eyes swollen when I finish binge-watching the series.

I like that this drama also shows how Zhi Que, family and friends really support Lin Tuo, even though his illness is getting bad. He needs to use wheelchair and his motion doesn’t working anymore. Not only that, his manager and the company where he works also let him work. It’s actually ideal story but I hope more more company would give the same opportunity if there are really a good and talented workers with some illness/disabilities.

Last but not least, the 34 episodes is looong for me but the story is warm with good acting.

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