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A romance drama. 16 Episodes and why I think it’s not enough. I wanna know more about the 4 characters. I came for the actors tbh. Uee plays very good. And Sung Joon for me his acting is no joke. Hyung Shik, I saw him from What Happens to My Family. He’s good there.

High Society 1
High Society 2

Typical romance drama, we know it turns out to be a happy ending. The rich and the poor kind of story. But since I like the actors, I can enjot it. The background music is nice too.

High Society 3
High Society 4

Ah look at his smile and how he put his hand on her head *melting*

High Society 5

Good actors, but tbh the story is not that strong. I don’t see character development here. I really want to see how Joon Ki (Sung Joon) falls in love with Yoon Ha (Uee) more… like romance, as they come from different background. Deep romance. I wouldn’t say this is bad but it’s just a watchable drama.

I just wish the director and writer would explore more about the leads. And I think I don’t see ‘high society’ vibes in this drama. But, if you are a fan of the lead actors, you should watch.

High Society 6
High Society 7

I don’t really know the director but the writer is from Can We Get Married. I like that drama, starring Sung Joon and my fave Jung So Min. So this is like a reunion for Sung Joon and the writer-nim.

Score: 7 out of 10 || Enjoy on VIKI

Take a look and please listen well to this OST from Acoustic Collabo. In love with this indie duo because of this drama. They are very good musician. Check it out.

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