My Unfamiliar Family

I remember I didn’t really anticipate this drama but it turns out to be my one of the best in the first semester of 2020. Slice of life drama like this never failed, especially this is about family. The premise is very interesting. A good execution and couldn’t ask for better ending.

The story is about family become strangers. As we grow old, we’re busy with our lives. We think we understand our family better, but in fact we know nothing about them. We feel comfortable with others than our siblings or even parents.

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Chief of Staff

I’m usually not interested in this kind of genre, but Chief of Staff is different. I really can enjoy this tense, plus the amazing actors and script and story, how can I not love it.

This is a serious political drama. There is romance just for an additional taste. But it’s actually politic and it feels so real.

I saw in the press con video earlier that it’s not about what is happening right now in Governement of South Korea, it’s about how we choose our representatives at the National Assembly which is considered as the belle of representative democracy.

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Angel Eyes

Angel Eyes Poster

Finally, I have done watching it. Actually, a friend recommended me to watch this drama. I missed few episodes at first. But bcos my friend said this one is good, then I tried watching the E01. Park Dong Joo (Lee Sang Yoon) and Yoon Soo Wan (Goo Hye Soon) are still young back then.

Unbelievable, I cried a lot at the E01 and impressed with the acting of the actors. Kang Ha Neul (The Heirs) who plays as young Dong Joo is very good. I can feel the emotions. Nam Ji Hyun plays as young Soo Wan. Their chemistry is gooooood!

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