Shadow Detective

A crime scene drama with 2 parts. This drama is so intriguing from the start. It’s face pace I think and played by nice actors. In my opinion this drama is well written and well produced but lack of promotion. Tho I really like this drama. I can say that I enjoy watching it since part 1.

Nothing much to say but I like the plot, the meaning of this story and the cinematography. The story is about Kim Taek Rok (Lee Sung Min), who is a senior homicide detective at Geunmo Police Station solving his cases. A lot of things happen unpredictable. I see that not many he can trust in the police organization. He has to work alone since he’s afraid that people around him will get harm in solving his cases.

Taek Rok is always bringing his notebook and he writes everything in it. He’s meticulously writes everything in that notebook that’s interesting. Ofc there are plot twists. One person that always on his side, it’s Lee Sung A (Kyung Soo Jin). And, even tho once doubts about him (from my understanding), there is also Son Kyung Chan (Lee Hak Joo) who works together with him and Sung A. In Part 1 they are in the same team as detective but in Part 2 he has to accept his transfer to Women and Juvenile Affairs. That sounds fishy but still he silently solves his past case.

Since all episodes (16 episodes) are now available in Disney+ hostar and Hulu (in the US), we can bingewatch and easier to understand. Every episode is important, and we’re brought to follow Taek Rok journey in solving his cases that connecting to his close circles.

Though it’s not popular but I think it’s one of the best crime drama in kdramaland. Lee Sung Min acting is no doubt good. In part 1, there’s Jin Goo who plays as Kook Jin Han who’s just transferred to Geunmo Police Station and suspect Taek Rok as murderer, but *spoiler* he’s dead in the finale of part 1.

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Pictures: hancinema | Teaser: disney plus singapore

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