My Love Eun Dong

Ah this drama had already stolen my heart since the first episode. I love how the writer tells us about Hyun Soo love-story from 1995, 2005 and until 2015. From he still was in high school until he’s a superstar.

Since Joo Jin Mo is a good actor, it’s like you can feel what Hyun Soo feels. He’s really good portraying this character.

I can feel the character development here. Emotionally drained watching this drama. Well written and nice directing too. Type of melodrama that can make you smile and cry very hard.

However, I think I’m one of the fans who’s not satisfied with the ending. Though I can say it’s still a very good drama. It’s just me who expect much. Hmmm now I remember when I watch Reply 1994, it was hard for me to accept the ending too hahaha.

All actors for me is good and the storyline is nice too. One of the best cable drama. Some kind of melodrama that makes you want to have a man like Park Hyun Soo 🙂

Score: 9 out of 10 || watch on netflix


Pictures: hancinema

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