Flex X Cop

Not really gave attention at first to this drama but finally after 3rd episode, I think I fall in love to this drama. It’s a crime drama with a little comedy. Jin I Soo (Ahn Bo Hyun), a chaebol from Hansu Family, who has hobby to play role as cop, loves to have fun but has good heart. Suddenly he has to become a detective for violent crime team 2. His leader is Lee Gang Hyun (Park Jihyun) who is very loyal, competent.

Jin I Soo at first is not welcomed by the team because they assume I Soo just wants to have fun being a cop. But slowly they acknowledge I Soo, cos he’s actually a good detective with brilliant intelligence and does his work well even though he often uses his privilege as chaebol to catch the criminals. Slowly, he’s becoming comfortable with team 2. He also gets help and is close to the Hansu family’s secretary, Choi Jeung Hoon (Kim Myung Soo) who’s always be there for him.

I Soo has half mother and brother. His brother really cares for him but the mother wants to kick I Soo out from the house. I Soo feels so alone, he stays at his old house, the house where he stays with his mother when he’s still kid. He forgot why his mom’s passed away, but he’s told that his mom died bcos of sleeping pills overdose due to depression.

I Soo and Team 2 catches the criminals, still forget why his mom died, and finally in eps 13-14 I Soo finds out that his brother, Jin Seung Ju involved in a dead of a person who is Seung Ju’s biological father. And the story goes on. What more sad that I Soo’s Father, Jin Myeong Chul (Jang Hyun Sung) is found dead in his villa. Truth reveals.

After all I like this drama, I enjoy every episode that I don’t skip any scene. Though it’s about crime but It’s actually fun and the writer wants it to be lighter for the viewers. Ahn Bo Hyun and Park Ji Hyun’s chemistry as more-than-friends colleague is nice. I love team 2 too, Gang Hyun, I Soo, Park Jun Young (Kang Sang Hoon), and the talkative member Choi Kyung Jin (Kim Shin Bi), they are really cool and support each other. Hope you enjoy this drama as much as I do.

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