Yumi’s Cells

Yumi’s Cells is such a cute and fresh drama. It’s not specifically a romance but for me it’s like a slice of life that shows us how cells work in Yumi’s body to address all of her life issues. The cells are shown with super cute animation. Based on the same webtoon, Yumi’s Cells, this drama is well excuted for me. And I can say it’s a must watch if you’re a regular Korean Drama viewers.

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My Name

Whoa I like it. Every episode is so tense. About Ji Woo (Han So Hee) who wants to find her father murderer and taking revenge. She turns out work with a gangster with the help of Choi Mu Jin (Park Hee Soon), the one she knows as her father’s best friend. In order to find out about his father’s death, she changes herself into a new person and work hard to join the police department. She enters durgs investigation division and works with Captain Cha Gi Ho (Kim Sang Ho) who she assume as his father’s murderer and Jeon Pil Do (Ahn Bo Hyun).

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Itaewon Class

~It contains spoiler~

Oh… Finally it comes to an end TT. A latest JTBC drama which is also aired on Netflix. An adaptation from a webtoon, but I havent read it yet so I have no clue about the story line. The premise was interesting, so I’d try. This drama has good ratings in Korea.

Park Seo Joon (as Park Saeroyi) acting skill is no doubt. I always watch his dramas. And he’s one of the reasons why I watch it. But I haven’t heard about Kim Dami (as Jo Yiseo). She’s a new actress, and this is her first small screen. Her acting is good too especially for a first timer. She has played in several movies, and got good recognitions. I believe she will be one of the popular rookies this year in k-drama land.

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