CNBLUE Comeback Show

CNBLUE Can’t Stop promotions will be ended soon. But still everyday I want to know their updates. I think my love is growing more and more. I even made a twitter account dedicated to CNBLUE and all about them. Don’t laugh! … Hahaha. Anyway, since the promotion ends soon and they will have new activities for Can’t Stop concerts in some countries, I want to share The Comeback Show aired by SBS earlier this month, which I love so much.

These videos belong to CNBLUE USA who worked hard for the Eng Sub. I actually watched live streaming that day (140303), but I don’t understand what they say. For you hard core fans must have watched, but if you havent please check them out to know them more especially about the new album Can’t Stop 😀

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CNBLUE 5th Mini Album – Can’t Stop

Cant Stop Cover

Fiuh. Finally, long wait is over. Haha. CNBLUE finally released their 5th mini album, Can’t Stop exactly at 12am KST on Feb 24th 2014. They also released the MV with the same title with the album, Can’t Stop. And we BOICE made it to the World Wide Trending on Twitter at that time. So proud. Clap your hands BOICE. Yonghwa and the boys must be so happy right now.

I personally already purchased the album on iTunes. How about you? 😀

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CNBLUE featured as ‘Headliner’ of The Month by Mnet America

It’s so cool. CNBLUE are being featured as the Headliner of this February by Mnet America. Headliner is a special program. A monthly biography series on the most high-profile Kpop stars in the music industry. I like how Mnet America presents CNBLUE in this video. It’s about how they pursue their career through obstacles until finally reach this stage. You can see Minhyuk cries at the beginning of their career when many people judge that they can’t play well. Support from Fans. And we can also see their charity project. I love it that they give back to society by making CNBLUE School in Burkina Faso and this year in The Philippines. So proud to be their fan. Make me love then more and more. CNBLUE awesome.

CNBLUE is currently preparing their comeback with the album title Can’t Stop. I am anticipating their comeback 😀 Mnet America will also air Go! which feature behind the scene and footage form their World Tour Concerts on February 24th, 2014 at 9PM local time. Can’t Wait!

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CNBLUE Releases Japan Best Album PRESENT

CNBLUE present

Yeay. CNBLUE just released new Best Album: PRESENT. This album includes 10 selected self-composed Japan songs translated to Korean. CNBLUE is also popular in Japan and their songs are also topping charts there. It’s where they also have debuted and built their career. So we can say that this is a special album. Congrats guys. I’ll listen to this very well. 😀

Anyway, the album is already available on iTunes  now.

Track List:
01. One More Time
02. Lady
03. Blind Love
04. Robot
05. Time Is Over
06. Come On
07. Let Me Know
08. I Can’t Believe
09. Greedy Man
10. My Miracle

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2013 CNBLUE BLUE MOON World Tour in Jakarta – 19 Oct 2013

CNBLUE World Tour Jakarta

Unspeakable Joy. Finally, long wait is over, Indonesian BOICEs. The boys are coming 😀 2013 CNBLUE BLUE MOON World Tour Live in Jakarta. That’s a dream come true. Not only me but also all Indonesian BOICE must be so happy. The concert was held on 19th Oct 2013 at Tennis Indoor Senayan. The Venue is not too big, so we can see the boys closely.  I can say for sure the show was soooo amazing.

The tickets were sold out, yeah. Started at 7pm with rock ambiance, filled with the blue light sticks. BOICEs screamed out loud watching the boys perform their songs. Yonghwa was so awesome with the full fanservice, Yong yong even showed off his baskerball skills at the stage with the ball from a fan. Jonghyun was so cool busy with the guitar and sometimes spread smiles staring at the audience. Minhyuk spoke Bahasa Indonesia alot this time, and the funny Jungshin Chingu was also talkative as usual. And yes, they really worked hard to talk with us in Bahasa Indonesia, and that was good. They speak Bahasa very well.

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CNBLUE 4th Mini Album ‘Re:BLUE’

Cover reblue

While posting this one, I am listening to I’m Sorry, a track from the 4th mini album by the Korean Pop-Rock Band, CNBLUE, titled Re:Blue, which stands for ‘the rebirth of a new CNBLUE. So happy because this is really an anticipated comeback.

CNBLUE also celebrates their 3rd anniversary debut (14 January 2010) with the released of this album. The title track for the comeback is ‘I’m Sorry’ which is composed by the leader Jung Yonghwa. This song is awesome, shows their maturity in music. Yonghwa did a good job again. As always.

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A Gentleman’s Dignity

Huaaaa. It’s a bit late posting about this great Drama. But I think as Kdrama lover, I need to share this one to all of you to prove that this one is absolutely a nice drama. I should have written this post long time ago after I watched it. A friend suggested me to watch this, even though I know that Jonghyun plays here as Colin and Yonghwa plays as cameo in one of the episode. Then I just can say that you should watch this one!

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CNBLUE Guerrilla Concert

Hope this is not too late to share with you guys my fave Korean Band CNBLUE, Guerrilla Concert. They perform live also in order to promote thier first full album First Step. This is broadcasted on a tv. Have a look.


At the first there’s also interview to all member about the preparation for the concert and making album I think. And what I like is the opening, Oetoriya (I’m a Loner), my favorite song from CNBlue. Ah they play very good. Yong’s performance is always the best. No Doubt.

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Finally the first full album, FIRST STEP. Clap your hands everyone. I know they really worked hard to finally released this album. And the title track is Intuition. A nice pop rock track that’s so easylistening. Love their music video, love their style here. They perform the song with their music instruments on the top of a building in black outfits. I like this band style!

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