Vincenzo is kinda drama that everybody loves. At least most of the people I know like it. So I won’t actually write synopsis, revew or recap. Vincenzo in my opinion is kind of a complete package that can entertain viewers with the plot, comedy scenes (like blood and pistols everywhere), some touching story, crime, unique characters, visuals (of course who can ignore Song Joong Ki’s charm) and even there’s light romance that sparks our heart. Yup, I like all the characters in the drama even the viallin is so villain like we want to burn them.

Let me elaborate the complete package of Vincezo.

The Plot. It’s actually a mafia drama with the comedic scenes. At first I was fooled, I thought it would be like real mafia drama but from the second episode, when Vincenzo Cassano (Song Joong Ki) returns to Korea, like a twist, it turns to be comedy drama that makes us smile and laugh watching it. One of Vincenzo missions is to get the golds that are hid in the basement of Geumga Plaza. How he penetrates to stay in Geumga Plaza is actually funny until he wins the tenants’ heart. Eventually it’s not only about Gold, but more than that. To protect Geumga Plaza from Babel Group ++ to fight the corrupt and injustice.

Not only comedic scene and dialoques, we can also cry very deep when watching some sweet and touching moments; I remember when I cried very hard at Vincenzo scene with his mom. I think to make viewers enjoy the plot and twists that are very entertaining and satisfying for viewers need special skill, especially because this drama has some ‘genres’ in it and it has 20 episodes.

We’re aware of this style of writing, previously the writer was working for Chief Kim and Fiery Priest. It makes us slowly can fall for the characters more and more, especially the lead, Vincenzo.

The characters. At first Hong Cha Young (Jeon Yeo Been) makes me think hard. Is her comedic accent important? But along the way, I don’t know when, I fall for her character more. I feel like she’s giving positive vibes in the drama plus she’s smart but funny at the same time makes me think she’s adorable. I like her so much… Lawyer Hong.

Not to mention how the writer and director make us fall in love with Vincenzo very much with his charm and sexy gesture. His mafia brain makes all the people in Geumga Plaza admire him even though they know he’s an Italian mafia and even support him to fight Babel Group, led by Jang Han Seok (Taecyeon). Geumga Plaza Squad is something we must highlight, cos their individual character is so special and we love them so much we don’t wanna move on from them.

Talking about Jang Han Seok, he’s the character that is so bad, nothing about him we can like. And how can I forget the lawyer. Hong Cha Young’s enemy, Choi Myung Hee (Kim Yeo Jin), with her evil character. I know we hate her so much and Thank God, Vincenzo make the ending for them both is so satisfying.

We also have Jang Han Seo (Kwak Dong Yeon), the Babel’s shadow CEO who eventually turns to Vincenzo’s side, cos he feels Vincenzo’s brotherly love. He’s got bullied and harrassed but his own brother, Jang Han Seok… but unfortunately he’s dead in the final episode to protect Vincenzo. He’s so funny and I believe this character steals viewers heart.

Oh I really want to write one by one about the characters of Geumga Plaza Squad, I mean Cassano Geumga Family. They are so adorable, like everyone is so adorb and funny haha. But I think we need one more post to write about this… They are surely giving color to this drama. Makes this drama can be watched and enjoyed by everyone.

The Ending. I like it that the writer still make Vincenzo is Vincenzo, living as a mafia until the end. His way of getting rid of bad people, including Jang Han Seok and Choi Myung Hee are very satisfiying, like so deserved. But of course after meeting Hong Cha Young and Geumga Family, he’s changed to be a warmth person, in my opinion.

The Geumga Plaza Squad is living their live passionately as usual. The Gold is saved from the bad and griddy people. And the ship, Chacenzo, is sailing. Vincenzo finally confesses his feelings to Cha Young that he’s always been thinking about her plus… sweet kisses in the finale episode.

I like that the writer makes the romance feels so light, cos the focus of the drama is not about the romance but the Vincenzo as a mafia + those humanist missions.

I remember one powerful scene at the finalle episode:

I’m still a villain and couldn’t care less about the justice. Justice is weak and empty. One cannot win againts villains with justice alone. If mercilles justice exists, I’m willing to yeald to it. Even villains long to lives in a peaceful world. How ever since that’s impossible. I’ve taken up a new hobby. Getting rid of garbage. If I don’t do that, people will die burried underneath the garbage. The’s one think I’d like to say from a villain’s perspective. Evil is prevalen and vehement.

Vincenzo, Episode 20

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I miss them!

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