Vincenzo is kinda drama that everybody loves. At least most of the people I know like it. So I won’t actually write synopsis, revew or recap. Vincenzo in my opinion is kind of a complete package that can entertain viewers with the plot, comedy scenes (like blood and pistols everywhere), some touching story, crime, unique characters, visuals (of course who can ignore Song Joong Ki’s charm) and even there’s light romance that sparks our heart. Yup, I like all the characters in the drama even the viallin is so villain like we want to burn them.

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Be Melodramatic

As always JTBC never disappoints me. Be Melodramatic is like the older version of Age of Youth. Probably better. About 3 best friends and their lives. Slice of life kind of drama that I like. The characters are around the age 30s, fun and quirky somehow.

It ended a while a go, I really want to write it since it’s one of the best ever. Underrated but it’s a super good!

Watching this feels like real. Around my age… :) Im Jin Joo (Chun Won Hee) character is a scriptwriter. Unique character for sure haha. She meets her first love she dated for 7 years. Apparently they are working at the same field. While she also meets new potential love and many (funny) things happen.

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