Mystic Pop-up Bar

Starting with a good impression. In Joseon era, about a girl named Weol Ju (Park Shi Eun), who has the ability to read people’s dream. She’s a daughter of a shaman. Someday, in Hanyang, the Queen of Royal Family asked her to help the crowned prince (Song Gun Hee). He’s suffered and can’t wake up because there are too many vengeful spirit of those who died in the hands of the royal family. They’re haunting the crowned prince in his dreams. Weol Ju helps to calm down the Spirits. Short story, she’s succeed and they fall in love. But we all know It’s impossible for them to be together. They come from different background.

Weol Ju is asked to leave Hanyang and on the way, she hears that her house is burned, she’s going back and finds her mom dies there. She’s so sad and desperately hanging up herself, curses all of people there. Her body is maybe dead but her spirit is still alive. Weol Ju’s Spirit got punishment by the Yeomradaewang of afterlife. She needs to settle 100.000 grudges in the world, if she wants to reincarnate and to not be sent to hell.

Now Weol Jo has lived for 500 years and is opening a cart bar which’s running at night. She has side mission to help the customers settle grudges. She can appear in their dreams. Opening the cart bar with her best friend, Guibanjang / Chief Gui (Choi Won Young), they have solved 99.990 cases, needs 10 cases more to reach 100.000 in one month. Nowadays it’s hard to achieve that 10 cases in short time.

The problem is she can only help the person if they tell the story. Fortunately, she meets Kang Bae (Yook Sung Jae) who has the ability to make people spill their story if he’s touching that person’s body. Actually, It makes Kang Bae tired and uncomfortable. Sometimes he has to listen to something he shouldn’t have heard. He desperately wants to get rid of that ability. Weol Ju says she will help him but in return he has to help her solve the 10 cases more so she can finish the mission in one month.

There are a lot of funny moments. And it’s funny how Weol Ju and Guibanjang helps Kang Bae to get close to a girl, Kang Yeo Rin. Yeo Rin has something strange on her body too cause she can’t touch and kiss a person that can make some weird reaction. But it’s different if she touches Kang Bae. Same with him, if he touches Yeo Rin, the ability doesn’t work. Yeo Rin doesn’t spill anything. Their love story is cute anyway.

Weol Ju, Guibanjang and Kang Bae characters are developed well and funny. I like the trio. They are really a good team in solving cases, like a family. I like it that this drama has different story in each episode and mostly very touching. Many to learn.

*spoilers* There’s one touching moment when Weol Ju sacrifices herself to go to hell and won’t be able to reincarnate even though she reaches 100.000 solved cases. That’s for Kang Bae to be able to settle his grudges. That’s so sad I cried. And don’t forget Guibanjang is always there for her when she’s down. He always helps Weol Ju to achieve her target.

In the last 3 episodes, you’ll be brought to see the some plot twists, what happened in the past, how finally Weol Ju finds the crowned prince. That’s so sad and sweet at the same time and… she even finds her child’s spirit… who unknownly died together with her when she hung up herself 500 years ago. Yeah.

For you who’s looking for a light and entertaining drama. Add Mystic Pop-up Bar to your watchlist.

Btw, salute to the wardrobe team for the Hwang Jang Eum outfits in this drama. She’s so beautiful no doubt, plus that red lipstick in every episode is so pretty on her.

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