Mystic Pop-up Bar

Starting with a good impression. In Joseon era, about a girl named Weol Ju (Park Shi Eun), who has the ability to read people’s dream. She’s a daughter of a shaman. Someday, in Hanyang, the Queen of Royal Family asked her to help the crowned prince (Song Gun Hee). He’s suffered and can’t wake up because there are too many vengeful spirit of those who died in the hands of the royal family. They’re haunting the crowned prince in his dreams. Weol Ju helps to calm down the Spirits. Short story, she’s succeed and they fall in love. But we all know It’s impossible for them to be together. They come from different background.

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Queen for Seven Days

Queen for Seven Days poster.jpg

This is one of the drama that I’m already in love since the first episode. When Park Min Young and Yeon Woo Jin even haven’t appeared in the drama, I have already fallen for the story and the child actors. PMY and YWJ young act so good and almost look alike the adult ones. I guess the casting director really did a great job. Their chemistry is undeniably good.

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