Mystic Pop-up Bar

Starting with a good impression. In Joseon era, about a girl named Weol Ju (Park Shi Eun), who has the ability to read people’s dream. She’s a daughter of a shaman. Someday, in Hanyang, the Queen of Royal Family asked her to help the crowned prince (Song Gun Hee). He’s suffered and can’t wake up because there are too many vengeful spirit of those who died in the hands of the royal family. They’re haunting the crowned prince in his dreams. Weol Ju helps to calm down the Spirits. Short story, she’s succeed and they fall in love. But we all know It’s impossible for them to be together. They come from different background.

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A Poem A Day

Just a few days ago, I finished watching this Korean Drama for probably third time. It’s a 2018 drama, but I think I still need to write it on this page. A light yet very deep drama… Slice of life. This kind of drama is my favorite. The characters are seemingly real. Romance is still the attractive part but the purpose of this drama I think about dreams and reality. You maybe have different opinion and view but that’s what I got from watching this.

Seeing this feels like so real. Changing dream just because your condition doesn’t allow you to study based on your passion, but choose to study and work on something you probably never think of before. Who knows you end up enjoying what you do today and decide to focus on that, be the best in the field.

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Hot Stove League

It’s been a while. This is the first time after years I’m making a comeback to write about K-drama. And yeah it’s because of Hot Stove League! For me this drama is like a gem in Kdramaland.

Never one scene in this drama is wasting. All of them give contribution to make this drama awesome. You know that Sport genre is so rare compare to the criminal and romance drama airing these days. But Hot Stove League has proven that this kind of drama can be outstanding too and have their own viewers who are very loyal and supportive with full of excitements.

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City Hunter

20th Episode of a great drama, City Hunter already finished. I don’t know how to make a review about this drama. I think, the PD produces this good. It’s so success and almost perfect. Even I’m not a professional, but what I see from the cinematography, story, script, casts, setting, and flow, all looks very good. This drama is originally based on the Japan Manga.

City Hunter, starring Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young. To be honest, at first I’m not interested with Min Young acting, but after watching the drama, I think I was wrong. She’s very good as well as Min Ho.  The fighting scenes even the romantic ones, they show the perfect chemistry.

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