Daily Dose of Sunshine

Just found a new comfort drama. It’s based-on-webcomic drama, Daily Dose of Sunshine. A 12-episode story about a girl name Jung Da Eun (Park Bo Young) who works as nurse at psychiatric ward in a hospital. So every episode will have different story about mental illness. Even though the topic is hard, but this drama is presented with very good and understandable story. Not to mention that the plot and the cinematography are good as well.

The scenes are mostly in the psychiatric ward where Daeun works with patients with mental illness. On the very first day, she gets a bad experience already. There will be different story every episode and all the stories are good and relatable for us in my opinion.

Not only about mental illness, there’s a little part comedy and romance in this drama. I think what I love about this drama is that it has great portion of everything. Not to much comedy, not too much romance but it’s good and comfortable to watch despite the main theme of this drama which is the mental illness is hard to digest.

The plot is good, how the writer share the story about each patients is easy to understand for us who don’t usually in touch with medical terms. I’m amazed by how the writer and director show us in light mode but it’s deep and touching, also the director gives us visualization of the patient’s hallucination and delusion. Sorry if my wordings are wrong cos I’m not a medical person.

After watching the dramas I think we all agree that Jang Daeun has a very good heart. It makes her vurnerable and wants to please other but forget to appreciate herself more. She is really a passionate nurse. Short story, after lost one of her dear patient, she gets depression. The accident is hard for her and ruins her mentality. I love that she has a nice mom, best friend Song Yu Chan (Jang Dong Yoon) and someone who likes Jung Daeun, and supports her, Dr Dong Go Yun (Yeon Woo Jin). They are Jang Daeun support system that can help her to recover from her depression.

I fall for Dr Go character, he knows something happened to Da Eun and she needs to go to the doctor. He likes her so much but doesn’t push his feeling to her when she’s not ready yet. He lets her get better and wait for her. Somekind of healthy realtionship that we all want. He also has a unique and funny character that can makes us laugh. He and his doctor friends ‘in charge’ of the comedy part in this drama.

I bingewatched this drama and cried every episode. I appreciate the writer and the director who made it well even though it’s sensitive but it’s heartwarming story for us. The stories are so relatable and a lot to learn. It’s like a reminder for us to appreciate ourself more, to speak up about what you feel inside, to seek doctor if you need help.

I also wanna say Park Bo Young really portrays the character very well, from being a cheerful and cute nurse to show desperate face, she is good. Not just Bo Young but I think all the actors are so good. I love the nurse team, Yuchan as Daeun best friend and Yeon Woo Jin as Go Yun the nice and funny guy… Yeon Woo Jin is lovable, no doubt about his wide-range acting. Hope to see he plays another good drama soon.

Honestly I don’t want this drama to end. This is very recommended. One of my comfort dramas.

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